I love imperfections, exposure to vulnerability, realness…like exposed brick underneath covered walls. I love when I meet someone and little by little those facades start unraveling and I can witness the true nature of their soul. People cover up beauty with pretenses and vanity. I don’t want to view perfection. I want to see what I feel right underneath…the light through a crack of your humanity. That’s the beauty of expansion and living authentically. The most loveliest spirits are created through full abandonment, without fear of judgment. They hold themselves highly in divinity without worrying about ego. They live in the yumminess of just being.

It isn’t easy being vulnerable to others, and allowing the truth of what feels like weakness expose itself without a coverage. Vulnerability isn’t frailty as we have been taught. It is bravery, kind, beautiful and truthful. It doesn’t need protection. It requires honoring, exposure, and acceptance of who you are and where you are going. Taking that risk is true Divine wisdom. I thank you all for allowing my vulnerability to show up and loving me for it.

The more we allow others to see who we are the easier it is for us to grow and evolve into our true nature. We are all perfect in love and light. We are…. ~m.a.p.

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