In deep meditation last night the question rose several times:

What is Love?

And then the answer came pouring in tears….

Love is the highest vibrational frequency of the universe. It is acceptance, acknowledgement, vulnerability, rawness, compassion, grace and faith. It is unfiltered. It is the connection of humanity that embraces us. But love has no real meaning. Truly… it is God without religion or culture or beliefs. Love is the bridge that holds us from one to another. Without it we cease to exist. We become Zombies in a world of chaos. So…to negate this from each other is the demise of our world.

Hold to it with all that made you and keeps you alive. We are required to pass it along…to all…without judgment because that is not something that is part of love. We must breathe it in and out with each thought when we are feeling overwhelmed and depleted. The answer to all is Love. We are a million cells vibrating in truth to all that is Source with LOVE. ~m.a.p.

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