March Update

Several people, including close friends, have commented on a bizarre feeling that’s been inhabiting them for weeks. It’s been intensified during March. The comments are all similar in nature: “I feel anxious for no reason. I am restless. I feel stuck. I feel uncertain. My body hurts. I’m numb. I am out of sorts….” I have heard the same message over and over for some time. I get asked how and why this is happening? The short version of my answer is “I don’t know.” The long version is that there is some form of cosmic activation happening in a conscious and metaphysical plane. The energy is swirling and I wish I wasn’t so sensitive to it. I feel it at night when I am coming out of my skin. Our toddler hasn’t been sleeping well for weeks. I get a sense that her little body isn’t aware of what’s happening since she’s truly wide open. We are all wide open, except some of us get hit with stomach issues, headaches, lethargic motions, sadness, insomnia, blah-ness and other ailments that seem to feel like doom. Just like you, I am surfing the waves when they arrive. Other times I am returning to breath and the moment. I keep reminding myself that I get to decide how I feel.

My darlings, you aren’t alone in your struggle. This is an odd and incredible exciting time. Things are moving in a faster pace and it seems we can’t get all that we are used to doing in a 24 hour time lot. It’s okay. Cut yourself some slack. There is such anger and hatred and complete inhumane energy moving through these accelerated times. There is anger everywhere and the cords of discomfort are being felt throughout the waves of consciousness. DO NOT think for one second that your thoughts aren’t attached to mine and the world. Do not believe for one moment that your emotions are not attached to this timeline everywhere. It’s all so very stagnate and yucky. It feels as if compassion and kindness have left our humanness. For now….only for a bit. I promise this isn’t going to last forever. Nothing ever does. I also promise you that when you accept your position as a warrior of light and love you will no longer be concerned with all the issues in the media…because you create your own reality.

I have to believe you and I, and everyone, can shift back to this moment and breathe in love. Your job is to align yourself back to Divine-love consciousness. Your purpose is to join the collective consciousness of greatness in compassion. We are here in human form, but our souls are endless. Let’s get back to our own spiritual spaces and ground our truth into the earth. The mind, body and spirit are being pulled and pushed with such horrific thoughts because that’s how we are controlled by the world. Fear is slavery. Let’s send love notes to the universe, regardless of our religious and political beliefs. God doesn’t care who you vote for, who you sleep with, and who you pray through….the Divine cares that we treat each other with dignity, integrity, love, compassion and hope. The moment we return to love…I am certain that we can fix just about anything. Until then…let’s just surf the waves of yuckiness and muckiness while trying to find moments of joy in our day. Go sit outside and take in nature. Make time to do nothing but be with your spiritual guidance. I haven’t got any other answer but to love one another. Apologize and forgive those who aren’t in your same belief systems or in your authentic alignments. Forgive and return to what matters….

We are giving birth to a new time. It’s exciting and fantastic. We are required to shift our perception from old programming. Let’s Mother the world with kindness.

Sending love to all. We are the force and the change we have been waiting for. We are here now. No more putting off and allowing others to dictate what we came here to accomplish. Love! ~m.a.p.

7 thoughts on “March Update

  1. Intense times for sure Millie! I am being driven insane by the constant sounds of like a motor running, humming, a high pitch frequency. Hard to sleep sometimes and I live way out in the boonies where silence is premium…Not anymore! I don’t know how much is evolution, how much is Lyme disease, how much is anxiety….It is not such a peaceful time right now, let me put it that way….At the same time it is all so incredibly exciting….I love being a pioneer….. VK ❤

  2. Cheri Lawrence

    Thank you so much for this! I am feeling all this very strongly and wondered if we all were. I work on the planetary architecture or earth grids through my lightbody almost full time. We are clearing and repairing all these major earth timeframes right now which were the source of the original “fall” of this entire realm. They are hugely negative, cataclysmic and filled with blood covenents and the artificial construct of time. These timelines or fractals were so overused from history repeating itself through DNA and mind control that they were broken and fractured causing a huge bleed-through effect in time and space.

    But all is well (as we know the bigger picture and hold the light on high) as this is all healing back into organic wholeness and harmonic resonance once again. I have been doing this for 5 years full time and this is the absolute worse emotional rollercoaster I have felt!! It is so important just like you say to ride these waves and let the emotions flow through as the human and planetary DNA energetic heals and balance is once again restored!!

    With love to us all as we get this done together! Thank you for your very insightful article!!

    1. Thank you for this! I will be following you, my dear. I need updates and clarity. Together…each one of us can help the other. I saw something in your page and consequently I watched a video on YouTube yesterday about it. So synchronicity!!! Pls keep in touch. My email is I can also be found on FB under Millie America Parmer. Sending love to you.

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