Our World

We have the inexplicable habit of seeing the world as broken when we are down feeling broken as well. We justify the negativity as part of our community – the pity-party group. In darkness all you see is dark unless you allow the spirit to find a switch to turn on the light. It only takes an instance to do this. This is what I’ve realized: we are never broken anymore than we are fixed. It is a shift in our egos that allows us to choose which side we serve. In being broken we minister to the dark side of our soul. In accepting our imperfections as perfections we support the light of spirit. Which do you choose to serve? Which side will you be: the victim or the survivor?

The world is in turmoil. What do we do? How do we help without losing ourselves in the process? How can we help healing over there, here, and everywhere when we, ourselves, can’t find peace in our own decisions? I think it starts with the awareness and shifting consciousness every minute we find sadness engulfing us. I believe we find peace by being the peace that the world needs. Fighting fire with fire creates more fire. I don’t ask that you do nothing. When you hear the news from other countries there is something you can do: pray for light. Pray for God to intervene. But, also send love to every horrible actor and situation. Each event is a body in itself. We are moved through waves of connection through the matter of existence. DO YOUR part in staying in the presence of love and light. Hatred doesn’t raise awareness. It creates more of those things we fear. Do not feed the fears….

On the same token while you go through your own life, stop counting your cracks, the imperfections, the shattered insecurities and begin to see what each scar has brought to you in strength. There…in there…lies a loving spirit dedicated to live in harmony. You are whole…not a hole of pity. Don’t let the sunshine frighten you more than the big black shadows. Stop being afraid to live! Each breath is a gift. You are here right now. Don’t take it lightly! God bless…. ~m.a.p.

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