The Journey of this Life

There are moments….sometimes seconds of complete awareness when you find yourself exhaling in relief. You are not alone. Someone else understands the intensity of being human. Someone gets it on your same level. They are on the same wavelength. They have similar experiences. They just know. And, in that transferring of heart and soul you come undone. You become suspended beyond time and space because the world no longer feels like a scary place. The journey is fully bearable. You are heard and accepted. You get to feel human and more importantly, humane.

We are not perfect. I know for certain that I am not a PollyAnna all the time. I am not flying on fairy wings every second. I have “episodes” when I am alone in the shower, the car, or a closet and I scream to the mercy of God. Cause, guess what? I am the most perfectly imperfect woman I know. I get it. I have an ego at times the size of Texas and the humility on other times the size of North America (including Canada).

Thank you for being my lifelines…thank you for being you with all your authentic truths. It helps immensely. You are never alone! So many others are feeling this human shit to the core. It is truly okay not to have the answers about the future. You are meant to be right here. Right now. In this moment. You are a divine being living your lessons. There is purpose to it all even if you do not feel it.

I love you. Go make some magic! Sparkle, darling. Big time!!!! 🧚‍♀️🦄🌈

7 thoughts on “The Journey of this Life

      1. Thank you for your comment – although I don’t respond much, I greatly appreciate your remark!

        I have since followed you, and when applicable, I’ll share with my students!

        All the best!

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