Infinite You

Last night on the train ride back to Cusco from Machu Picchu my husband asked me a question that took me a bit to answer, “What have you gotten from this trip?”

I paused. Took my arm and intertwined it with his, put my head on his shoulder and let the tracks below us speak through my silence.

After a bit I said to him, “I have learned that no matter how many times I return to this world I am still learning to be the best version. Doesn’t matter how much I resist my spiritual gifts, they still arrive on top of a mountain, an airport, in a restaurant…everywhere. So I might as well embrace them with openness. I have to stop punishing myself for what others fear and judge. And this and more is what I have gotten from this trip. Watching you evolve in your own walk has allowed me to beam brighter.” He kissed my forehead and smiled.

We must embrace who we are fully. Truly accept every part of the self, the spirit, the body. We aren’t any one thing. We are all and more. We move from here to there believing the illusions, participating in the lies and feeling slaved to a system that’s crumbling.

You are endless. You are magical. You are infinite. You are truth. And you are love.

(This painting was in a gallery and I love how it speaks of ancestors, the future, and the in-between).

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