Be Proud of You

My darlings, be proud of who you are. Accept and embrace your flaws, wrinkles, curves, cellulite, and bodacious-ness. Each part of your body is a reflection and projection of your inner-ness and wisdom. I had someone make a comment a few days ago about my weight..that now that I’ve lost some I look better. I laughed because I guess with extra weight I don’t look well (I must look like shit)…but I am still me. The me inside doesn’t change with the weight. I have been up and down the spectrum of heavy to thin to heavy again. I am still who I am regardless of my exterior. I have lived a life in my younger years worrying so much about the size I was wearing in a society that was constantly judging me based on the number on the scale. And for what? I am flawless in my mission to love, not just others, but especially myself as I am today. I am healthy. What do I care if I have to get new jeans today and tomorrow give them away?

God don’t make no junk!

You cannot live a life dieting and full of self-loathing. No make-up in the world will make you perfect. The mask eventually has to come off. Love yourself. Because when you do another will align with your worth. If you want to enhance your beauty, go ahead but be happy with the overall parts of you. Allow those parts of you to show you who and what needs learning. We are each others’ reflections and it’s not fair to anyone that we are living based on being small, medium, or large. It’s insane!

Each dimple in my body is there as a reminder of something powerful. Every scar on my breasts has taught me that I’ve survived powerful lessons…that I’ve overcome some incredible challenges. Each thought from my rape continues to inspire me to be more loving with those parts of me that used to feel ugly and disgusting. Every thought, movement, and freckle is an endless composition of what’s behind me and all the elements that are still ahead to finish a work of art with my name on it. I am a composition in the making until the day I die. I don’t want anyone remembering me for my beauty. F*#k that! I want them to say, “That woman cracked me up and lifted me in moments of darkness.” I am not gonna be remembered for my weight, and neither are you. Superficial behaviors are lower vibrational issues and I refuse to live in that realm.

I can promise you from working with elderly folks that they don’t remember what size they were…they don’t care. They remember their first dance, their child’s birth, the first kiss, and everything that is meaningful…not that they went from a size 4 to a size 14. That’s so irrelevant when you are near death.

I can no longer hate a wrinkle because I have laughed, cried, rejoiced, and suffered with the awareness that each path has brought me here. I am a mother. I am a lover. I am a wife. I am a daughter. I am a sister. I am a friend. I am a student. I am so many labels and, yet, I am none of that but the essence of Oneness. So, sweethearts, no more comparing yourself to the pages of photo shopped ads, or celebrities who sensationalize something that is completely superficial. You have the power to shift and create your awareness. Do it! No more self-hate. No more comparing yourself to the exterior of others. What are we showing our daughters, nieces, sisters, and young friends? We must elevate consciousness and move beyond all of this. It starts with you, me and them. You are precious, priceless and perfect just as you are.

The magic in your life starts the moment you accept you. All of you. And in that moment others begin to witness an extraordinary light that is love. ~m.a.p.

14 thoughts on “Be Proud of You

  1. Millie, Heaven for me will be the day the world stops judging and accepts gladly ,what is. Such awful depths humanity has taken itself to by always seeing the bad and never the good! Time to change all of that! Now! Love you warts and all….Oh such joy to meet someone and see a remarkable human being and not the missing tooth or extra pounds….. VK ❤

    1. Oh darling, the complete pettiness. People will judge when you are thin and they will criticize when you are heavy. They will make comments about your hair length and color, if you look tired, if you are dragging…. Anything and everything. Because, while they are judging us they are deflecting from their own issues. It’s easier that way. I get it. But, I have to stop the cycle of letting those things get to me. I am who and what I am. It’s taken decades to get here. And, for that I am grateful. Love you, lady! Mucho!!!!

  2. Alzbeta Ko

    Thank yo so very much, I know this, for years I know this, but never verbalize the truth. Thank you for doing it for me.
    Blessed Be

    1. Let’s verbalize it together…out loud, ‘I AM BEAUTIFUL JUST AS I AM.” Alzbeta, let’s repeat it as a mantra when we look in the mirror. I will say it here and you there. And somewhere in the universe our echoes will unite. Sending love you way! M

  3. Barbara

    Millie, thank you from my heart and from my (how many pairs of jeans I’ve owned and given away) body. That was absolutely stunning in its beautiful simplicity and truth. Many years ago I read a statement that said words to the effect that “When I die I want the wrinkles on my face to show that I have smiled more than I have frowned.” Oh, to have everyone accept themselves as they are, because you’re right, “God don’t make no junk!” Love, B.

    1. Absolutely….every wrinkle and every line is a map to the life we’ve lived. It’s a chronological visual aid to show the world how we’ve loved, laughed, and worked. I love you…thank you for stopping by here!

  4. Jill

    Sobbing. As an overweight woman, personally. I imagine gigantic loving hugs embracing children, dogs, and friends. Come to my home and inhale the aroma of good food, never leaving my house hungry. Jovial laughter and just freaking joy.

    Because the above is who I am.

    Yet, the condemnation, judgment and my low self-esteem have led to a battle of self-loathing instead. My physical health is in dire trouble thus have begun a regime of the gym, walks, and self-care. All the while, learning to love too, my scars, some of which lie deep within. I was a rape victim too, amongst other things I have pushed down with alcohol, drugs, and food. Meanwhile, while attempting to become “healthy” the old self-defeating thoughts of, that ugly fat girl haunt me.

    I love life so much, Millie and yet the monsters of self-loathing continue.

    Reading you this morning has reassured me that yes, we are all worth loving including loving ourselves. There is no such thing as perfection, is it? 🙂

    1. Oh Jill, I know those well. I also see how people react to your physical bodies in such a way that it’s disturbing. I have no answers other than love yourself fully. Accept it all. I recognize the vulnerability that comes with it. I love you, woman. I’m here. And if you lived closer I would be sitting at your table right now, holding your hands, and sharing a delicious pastry over coffee. Cause, life is too short. It really isn’t about the number on the scale but the amount of love you hand out. Kisses!

    2. You are beautiful. It’s amazing how so many people can tell us we are wonderful or beautiful or lovely, but we only lesson to the negative voices. Sometimes it’s just one negative comment that can rattle us and make us forget of our worth. But I will keep reminding you of your magnificence essence. I love you. Look how far you’ve been and how deeply you touch others. Love you!

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