Collecting Love

“What happens when people open their hearts?”

“They get better.” ~ Haruki Murakami

Love heals all. I was playing with Kali Rose this weekend. It was one of those marathon weekends of non-stop fun. In a few weeks it will be four years that Matt and I have her and she’s evolved with so much love because of our love and patience. She went from being a shell-shocked infant who could not hear a loud noise, be touched by anyone outside of us, feeling unsafe and emotionally broken to the core. Her eyes would haze over with doubt and fear and she would cry with such deep sorrow that our hearts could do nothing more but listen attentively. I prayed that one day she would feel the love and safety that every one of us deserves on earth. Today, she is a spunky-sassy-sweet 4-year old who knows what she wants and how she wants it. She is happy, safe, in a constant array of learning from her surroundings and people. She’s our little hippie nature girl who captures things quickly and repeats what she learns with the speed of light. I find we must be careful about how we talk and express ourselves around her cause she’s become a little echo.

I dreamt of this. I prayed for this. I only wanted her to feel the love and complete sense of acceptance that every human deserves when they come into this incarnation. She is not a shadow of what she was four years ago. She’s not stricken by fear or paralyzed by environmental changes. She is our little super hero that continues to teach and love us unconditionally.

When we love and feel the love we heal beyond anything else out there. We are blessed. I will never know every aspect of her grief, abuse and fears those first 5 months of her life. I only witnessed a small fraction of what was happening and what would have happened had God not intervened. My heart overflows with gratitude for those who stepped in and allowed us to raise her.

As we sit on the edge of another soul entering our home and hearts, I am gathering even more love. I am collecting it from anyone I can for the next great event. I am returning to Divine wisdom and the knowing that this little boy will heal like Kali has.

Love has a way of stretching all impossibilities and making things magical. She’s proof that endurance and courage have no age limit when love is involved.

Keep giving your soul out to others. Keep loving. You never know who you will touch. You just don’t know where their life line is dangling and your love might be the hands that bring them back to life. You might just save another soul by being you. ~m.a.p.

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