Sacred Presence

I had a rare day while being in a state of complete presence. I am here but I am not. I have lifted myself through something odd and divinely lovely several times while staring at the rain fall, sitting by a friend, talking about things of the past and realizing the rawness of life.There has been frailty. There has been huge awareness.

We move through cycles of what was and what is. And, somewhere in between lies the illusion that these things make us whole and become our stories. Your story might be raw and full of pain, or it might consist of happiness and delightful moments. You have been embraced by love and lovers (past and present), but in the end it is this very second that glues us together. You have lost a loved one to death or just the ending of a relationship and it hurts like hell but you are still here surfing the ebb of deep waters. This is Sacred Presence.

This is raw and vulnerable ability to stay here and share while connecting to another by saying, “I am here for you. You are not alone. I understand. I have experienced something similar. Or, I haven’t and it is beautiful how you are moving with grace, strength and faith.” Yes, these are the moments that make us whole through the veil of life.

Keep searching for your truth. It isn’t always pretty or perfect or without some hurt…but it is your truth. These are the things that have created your humanness to continue expanding in our world. And how MARVELOUS you are, darling! You are lighting your journey. Go be all that greatness you are meant to be!!!! Mucho love. ~m.a.p.

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