Return to Your Inner Voice

I have had an incredibly amazing weekend when it comes to Spirit. I was able to meditate, get guidance in the most magical ways, and release. I healed my voice. I healed my heart. I heard over and over the clarity from God and guides. It’s amazing how much comes through when you get out of your own way. In letting go, you receive so much more. In allowing, you begin to feel the embracing of all that is divine.

We believe we are in control. What an illusion! The universe is always conspiring to give you everything you want. When things don’t happen in our “timing” it is because there are other things in the way that need addressing.

Return to your inner voice. Return to your authentic power. Return to your knowing. Sending massive amount of yummilicious love vibes to all of you.

2 thoughts on “Return to Your Inner Voice

  1. Thank you for this reminder, I so believe that if we pause and listen we will get clarity on whatever is troubling us. My six word memoir is “All I need is within me.” I have to repeat this periodically when I get caught up in worry and fear.

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