I went to the post office this morning to get certified letters. I signed my name and always add my middle initial “A”. The man asked what it stood for. I said “America.” He laughs and said, “For real?”


He salutes me. I laugh and he laughs. “So you are America! Wow!”

“I’m Canada, Puerto Rico, Spain, Africa…I’m you and everyone of my ancestral bloodlines.” (I don’t know what the hell possessed me to go all philosophical on the post master).

“You must be one of those life coaches or motivational people, huh?”

“Noooo!” I laughed. I kept signing.

“Nah! I’m Just like you…making my way through the day. Trying to feel like we are all making a difference. Cause what you do matters. What we all do matters. We are all so connected.” His eyes kinda rolled back to his head. And that’s okay.

Said our goodbyes. He thanked me. I’m getting out and a woman in line stops me, “Thank you for your words. I have been feeling down and knowing that we are all connected makes me feel not so lonely.” I hugged her. I could sense her despair.

Folks, you never know who is listening. You never know who is watching. I’m a hot mess on most days. But, I try desperately to make sure that my own crap is not passed on to others. If you can touch one single person a day do it. You might just be that spark of hope they need.

I love you.

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