Hands of Grace

I have an epiphany every single time I enter a facility to visit an elderly person. I hear stories that no one cares to hear. I hear regrets within their lack of clarity. I hear the silence in between words. I see the distance in what was and what is now in their lives. I make up stories in my head, adding to the ones they can share in a few words through whispers. I hear the struggle waiting for death to arrive and the fear that comes with it as well. There is gratitude in walking into a place and then returning to my life. How can I complain when I have health, love and joy? Who am I to even shed a tear over the pettiness of a hard day? Life certainly gets a jolt of healthy perspective. On days that I am down, feeling out of luck, I make sure to go see one of my elderly clients. Those are the days I need their wisdom and the divine clarity that I am truly living a charming life.

Do yourself a favor, adjust your perspective and gratitude by visiting a homeless shelter, taking flowers to an assistant living facility, or visiting hospice. Sit with a stranger and learn something new. Nothing like a true reality check to make you aware. Your life is richer because of those folks who teach you the meaning of what you are and have. Be love. Be light. Be everything but unsatisfied. We are here on borrowed time, making our way through this journey. We aren’t alone. We are holding each other up…even strangers that pass for two minutes. We receive everything we give…so make it count, darlings! Make it count for all those who truly need your love and light in their lives.

What a blessing it is to be here. To live in these times of mass conscious shifting. What a gift to see the changes by being the change yourself. It’s truly magical…because it requires faith and grace. I love you mucho!

14 thoughts on “Hands of Grace

  1. I used to work in assisted living communities as a CNA. I travelled from facility to facility and assisted when regular staff needed time off. I was never envious. Always thankful that my life was as rich as it was. Then there were the times that one of these would say something wise or profound. It blessed the arduous days. I don’t think I’d go back, but I can definitely see where you’re coming from.

    1. It really is a gift. Of the many professions I’ve had this one has allowed me to see the world in a beautiful and fragile light. Thanks for sharing this. I love hearing stories. Mucho love to you.

  2. A powerful truth. One of the often missed skills in our culture is deep listening. To be heard, to be seen, requires a patience to attend to the present with the elderly or children or spouse or friends. Being an elder who is choosing to consciously age, I see so much pain due to the lack of being fully present to one another. Thank you for this reminder of sacred reciprocity.

  3. A wonderfully gentle way of reminding me that I have too many random thoughts cluttering my mind these days. I need to chill-out and de-clutter so I can truly be present. Thank you, my sweet friend. Love you. πŸ€—πŸ˜˜

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