Shifting Consciousness

I remember fragments of past lives. And many of multiverse ones that happen simultaneously with this one. The universe is constantly expanding in our consciousness. When I meditate I am aware of how every single thing is infinitely connected. Every action. Every piece of matter. Every strand of DNA from every single organism. And yet, I still egotistically believe that what I might think or decide doesn’t necessarily affect another. It does! There is no space. You and I cannot see what connects us. It’s all one. We are stitched together in a massive quilt of universal threading.

It isn’t until we begin to shift our perception and thoughts that change can start to happen. See who you surround yourself with. Are they negative folks or do they lift you? What can you do to

change your situation? Stop acting as if your life is an afterthought and you will never have what you want. Your thoughts and my thoughts and their thoughts are always in motion. Detach from those who don’t lift you. Ask for help. Reach out to those who have been through similar experiences and now are on the other side of joy.

We morph into who and what we give attention to. If you don’t like what’s happening around you please step back and (even through baby steps) begin to shift your life. You can transform whatever you want. It takes work. If you are waiting for a miracle to appear I promise that the miracle is YOU. The illusion that you cannot do something is a control mechanism that has been fed to you. Open up, darling. You are meant to fly!!!! ~m.a.p.

2 thoughts on “Shifting Consciousness

  1. Now this is something that I can agree with. I see it too, the multidimensionality, like being strung between two worlds, and presently even more dimensions in between. The thoughts and consciousness create the reality. We, just by Being, are where we are going. Thanks so much for explaining it. You’ve done well.

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