Spend Some Fun

I love road trips. I enjoy the long stretches of road while I drive. Something about being in a car, heading to an adventure, that fills me with joy. I go into a zone of pure meditation. Sometimes with music, other times in silence. I commune with the Universe in ways that seem magical. Time doesn’t really exist when I travel.

Except when you have a four year old in the car for hours and hours. Then it all becomes challenging. And it becomes another form of awareness.

We took off from North Carolina to Maryland yesterday afternoon. My husband has a graduation to attend and I get to visit one of my precious sons. We will be going to Washington DC this weekend as I’ve never been.

In one of those long stretches of jibber jabber, my husband begged Kali to sleep. It was way passed her bed time. She went silent for a few minutes and then asked him, “Daddy, can you spend some more fun with me?”

We laughed. He asked, “You mean can I spend more time with you?”

“No! Can you spend more fun with me now?”

Darlings!!!! When was the last time you spent some fun? What fun have you created lately? She finally went to sleep and as I drove a few more hours, before hubby took over, I thought about the ways I would spend some fun this weekend.

Make each moment count. You get to decide what’s joyous in your life.

I love you! This I know for sure. And it’s total fun!!!! ~m.a.p.

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