The Miracle of Connections

Let me tell you…

About the power of connections.

I have been friends with a woman in Australia for several years. She’s a woman I admire immensely for her stories of survival. She stopped writing and her writings are phenomenal. A few months ago she just dropped off the face of social media. Which is not uncommon BUT she also wasn’t answering messages. It was unlike her. Months have passed.

Yesterday I posted a small message on Facebook about anyone being in that area of Australia. Several folks messaged me.

A woman I met last month in Peru on an Inca ruin hike reached out. She lives over an hour away.

Another woman I’ve never met but is a dear friend here on FB connected with me about helping.

First woman drove to her house. A total stranger. She didn’t hesitate. She Checked on my dear writer friend. Second woman made phone calls. She checked several places.

These are movers and shakers who shift the consciousness of our times. Seriously!!!

Darlings, just because we haven’t met we hold a major ass connection on here. You make my life richer. Each one of you is here to help others and in the process grow with connections. I get to witness some magical things.

These are the stories I tend to. These are the ones who change me and others.

Thank you to Amy and Moyalia for all you both did yesterday. My heart is smiling today knowing she’s okay.

Continue to show up, lovies. We are in this together. My heart overflows with the constant knowing that love is stronger than anything else out there. And the teachers keep appearing in my life to love louder…to love brighter. I love you.

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