Amplification of Consciousness

Amplification of Consciousness

For the last few weeks my heart flutters more than usual. I am well aware of the DNA upgrades. I feel it in many parts of my human body. I mostly feel it in the awareness of my consciousness: in the way I see and hear; in the way I feel and taste; in the way I process life; and in the way the messages are coming in.

It’s in this place of expansion that I jump timelines and can alter state of dimensions. I am not under any kind of influences, drugs or alcohol. It’s all a natural state of awareness that has been pushing through me. Some days are easier than others.

I’m not alone in this state. I know many who are feeling the claws of expansion. Mass consciousness is expanding rapidly. Many are taking their lives because it’s all too much. Others are dealing with their dark nights of the soul and shadow work. Some are feeling their bodies release toxicity through illnesses. In other words, we are generating and upgrading from the old into the new.

About time, right?!

Now what does all this mean for humanity? What do we need to prepare for? How will we move through all of this with sanity? I don’t really know, except I feel me breathing through it all with full acceptance of this moment.

I cannot tell you what you need to do. But what works for me is just BEing present, having zero expectations, and being love. Love seems to heal it all. It vibrates at the highest of frequencies so I choose that. I practice it on me and then move outward into the world.

Darlings, we have been hearing of spiritual change and “the event” forever. It’s in every religion and belief system. It’s been happening from day one of our existence. We know that something is coming or happening. We are well aware that it is bigger than us. Allow yourself to just be. Be in the “holy” knowing that we are in the golden era of love. The Christ consciousness is part of each one of us. It’s not our there. It’s not separate. It’s all connected and it joins each one of us in the grid. All of what has appeared before us are lessons for our human collective graduation.

Long stretches of road always allow me to tap into the grids and what’s happening in our world. So this was from traveling this weekend….

I love you. I’m here. Reach out. It’s time to be with your tribe. We can lean on one another. Be well!

8 thoughts on “Amplification of Consciousness

  1. I can fully relate to everything you’ve said here. We are moving through it. This is the event, the widening, awakening consciousness, that sees beyond the everyday hum-drum to the glorious future that awaits those that silently contemplate where the day is taking them. Tomorrow is not more of the same …tomorrow is what we will make it.

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