The Quest

What calls your name? How are you showing up in life? What pushes and pulls you? What lights you up? Do you feel stuck?

People want change. I am seeing it more and more. They can’t really figure out how to go about it but they feel it in their souls. We are waking up to some deep yearning. It’s time. We don’t want to keep doing things the same way while expecting different results.

So how do we go about it? How can we utilize this forum to help each other?

There are many folks who can help. I have life coaches, counselors, and Trail Blazers who read this blog. I know writers, musicians, artists and creators. I know healers and teachers. And whoever I don’t know might just be friends with someone I do know. Please use this post as an opportunity to share what you do. We can all use help: spiritually, emotionally, physically, professionally, relationship guidance and parenting. Whatever it is please put a link to your info if you have a page.

Let’s get you to the right person. It’s time. You don’t need to merely exist. You must live to the fullest. You have a duty to your soul to be doing what makes you happy…

8 thoughts on “The Quest

  1. I like your premise. Thanks for opening this forum. I am a healer and a teacher, but mostly an artist. My canvas is the world, and I paint it using conscious creation techniques. I like to share all the different facets of moving to a higher plane of thinking and awareness on my blog. If one is interested in this corner of the reality, I’d love to have them join me.

  2. Ah, you know my journey right now is taking care of my family. Sam needs me to guide him through some rough spots. Shadow needs me to make sure she continues to enjoy her quality of life – and perhaps even improve it some – and Ducky needs me to help her relax some and not be in “hyper speed” so often. And, I need to keep myself on an even keel. There is so much to do here at home after being gone for 3 months; but I refuse to let it overwhelm me. It’ll all get done in time.

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