Let the Voices be Heard

Tonight I have felt my heart break open in a way that pushes me to feel beyond my humanness. The “feel” part has me unraveling and desperate and enraged. Nothing gets my blood pumping faster than human right issues.

I’m a mother. I’m a grandmother. I’m a GRAND mother. The greatness of being a mother is one of my extraordinary purposes here on earth. I have mothered my own children, other people’s children and many adults. I take mothering seriously because we are here to nurture one another. We are here to connect in the deepest level of humanity. That’s what a mother does. She makes sure her children are safe and loved. She will honor her children by being their voice until they can learn to use their own.

I have a little boy in Florida waiting to get through the bureaucracy of a broken system. I’m his voice. He has a daddy here also making sure nothing gets in his way. He has two loving parents waiting to align with him and a big sister praying he gets here soon.

But, he’s truly lucky. He has us. He has an amazing foster family watching him like guardian angels. However, he’s also part of a privatized system that makes money by keeping him in the system. The longer he stays in that system the more money is being made.

I am appalled by what I am witnessing in Florida. I am appalled by what I am witnessing in Texas. I am outraged that in this time of history this is going on right in our backyards.

Change has to happen. It’s not my kid or the children in prison. It’s all our children. It’s the future of the next generations. Our little boy has us to fight for him. We need to fight for the 2,000 in Texas who have family hurting to get back to them. We need to fight for the 400,000 currently in foster care in the United States who need love and safe homes.

My voice is small. Yours might feel small as well. But when you gather millions of voices together we can be heard. When we create enough noise and don’t stop we can make changes. We must make those voices kind and loving. We cannot fight through hate and anger. We cannot beat things by name calling or bashing or disrespect. No!!! That’s not how we transcend here with this. We do it organized. We start uncovering the small issues and work our way up the corruption. Lots of folks have hands in the privatized sectors…and it’s been happening for decades.

I’m composing myself. I’ve cried a lot. I continue to mourn the separation of those kids from their parents who came here to find a better life. What they have witnessed is inhumane acts that go above and beyond religion and politics. I cannot begin to imagine how these families are navigating all of it.

Darlings, this is not an immigration problem. It’s a human right issue. The same with privatizing agencies who determine who can go to families in the foster care system and who can be adopted. It’s a human issue that needs changing. It’s a compassionate and loving opportunity to make the future generation learn what it is to come together for their sake. We get to mother thousands through these examples.

Tonight I will continue to gather pieces of me to continue fighting. There is nothing more powerful than a mother going after her children. And those thousands out there have become my babies. This mama isn’t going to just let this go….

8 thoughts on “Let the Voices be Heard

  1. I am all choked up. Tears. What is happening is an atrocity! And the system is rotten to the core. Thank God that boy in Florida has you and your husband! And how just HOW do we get those kids in Texas home to their parent? Stunned is nothing to describe how I feel about is. Enraged! My prayers have been strong about all this horror!

  2. Exposed Loving💙

    This is REAL TALK! Your words allow us to see your heart as a mom. Thank you for writing this important post.

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