Meeting the Divine

I met God in an elevator this afternoon in Downtown Asheville leaving a parking garage. She was lovely. She was admiring the leaves of a tree outside the elevator windows. She said, “Lovely heart-shaped leaves. I never get tired of seeing the masterpiece of creation!”

I smiled. She smiled. Her long salt and pepper hair perfectly moved slightly with her words. She radiated the light of early evening. Her caramel eyes had a thousand years of knowledge. I wanted to grab her hands and put them in mine but instead I thanked her for her presence in that two minute commute.

We meet the Divine over and over in everyone. Sometimes the messages are subtle and filled with silence. Other times they force us to notice leaves and cracks coming from the ground. How many times do we look but don’t see? How many times do we hear but don’t listen? How often do we touch but don’t feel? How many times do we ask but don’t wait for the answer? Source is there at all times through every action showing what truly matters. It’s mystical and filled with existential knowing that we take for granted. The secret is to be present and find the magic in everything. Life is beautiful and I love when God visits in the shortest of travels and the longest of journeys.

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