Curious Observation

Curious observation into how opposites attract:

If you were to look into my friend list and FB feeder you would find spiritual stuff, positive inspirations, and lots of authors. If you look into my husband’s you find lots of gaming stuff, military articles and politics. He’s a warrior and I’m a pacifist. Yet, he’s a softy (shhh but will totally deny it)!

The other day he mentioned that our YouTube on Roku looks like he’s got a personality disorder. It goes from political segments and history information to spiritual videos and meditation music. Then there is the random searches for kid videos.

What we have in common is the mutual respect and acceptance that we don’t have to believe or like the same things. We are individuals coming together to learn, love and expand. It’s not my responsibility to mold him into anything as well as his desire to make me into someone else. We talk about things and not have to agree on everything. Although he’s the first man who shares similar political and religious beliefs, we still disagree on many issues.

People believe that relationships have to be identical. They feel they have to be tied by similar beliefs. The beauty of finding someone different is that you each bring newness to the union and then find mutual things together. You begin to experience different perspectives.

When you find that you can consider yourself blessed.

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