Pain is Temporary

I met a young man at Starbucks today. He had a huge tattoo on his right arm that read PAIN IS TEMPORARY. I was waiting on my drink. He was typing away in his computer. I got close to him and said, “That’s some powerful truth right there!” As I pointed to his arm. He smiled. He showed me the other arm that coincided with that one. “They go together!” (I can’t remember what it read now). I felt he had been in the military. I am sure something in his other markings offered that knowing. I don’t notice things like that.

I thanked him. I went to sit in a corner and drink my tea. On the way out I was throwing my garbage in front of him. He thanked me again. I looked straight into his brown eyes and said, “You are a magnificent powerful soul. You are changing the world. Just your presence is an example! Please continue to rise to that essence that passes through you.”

His eyes smiled before his lips. He shook his head in agreement. He knows it. I know it. The world knows it. His story is his. His scars are there visibly seen under all his images. I’m always in awed of those who hold themselves with such power and love in spite of atrocities. I believe he had seen plenty.

Unfortunately, I didn’t get an image of his tattoo. But I didn’t have to. It’s imprinted in my memory. Pain is temporary. Nothing lasts forever.

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