Live Fully

I was afraid. A lot. Like, I lived through constant fears of something happening to my children, me dying, losing everything and living at the mercy of others…I was afraid. I was afraid of criticism and hateful judgments. But, when you looked at me you would never know this. You would never know the anxiety I embraced on a daily basis. I would have everything perfect because, God forbid, I had an accident and someone came into my house and saw cushions misplaced on the sofa, or a dirty ring in the bathtub from soap, or one dish in the sink. I was afraid of not being seen as if I had it all together. I needed to do it all and never ask for help.

That’s some craziness right there! The energy I utilized to keep a house in order, take care of six kids, pets, a business, and myself was astronomically stressful to my soul. So guess what happened?

I lost everything. I died. I had children who needed constant care. I had to allow others to help me. I was granted all the things I feared. I gathered them up within several years and tasted them fully. I drank the sorrows and losses. I took them all in. I learned from it all.

I survived. Because that’s what you do when the worst arrives. You rise above it all.

Life is meant to be lived fully, not feared. It is meant to be savored, not wasted. It is meant to be enjoyed, not dreaded. Life is a precious gift.

Stop wasting it on the dirty dishes, the unmade beds, the extra dust bunnies under the sofa…. those things can be tended to when the important parts are done. When the laughter has been addressed. When the fun has been tucked in at night. When the love has been embraced. When all else has been lived. Your job on this earth is to squeeze the yummilicious moments.

STOP wasting them on insignificant shit. It’s not yours to fix. Your purpose here is of a higher calling. When you start allowing, instead of fearing, all else aligns to your frequency. Love becomes the end result to so much. And with love there is no fear. Love is trusting.

GO LIVE and LAUGH! Have a great weekend.

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