Divine Teacher

I’ve been fortunate to be in the presence of some incredibly spiritual folks. They have a beautiful aura of complete tranquility surrounding them. Yesterday I sat in front of a teacher of such sacredness. I sat there holding in tears for the duration of our coffee meet-up. Her magnetism had me vibrating at a much higher frequency. She is divine. She walks among us but with such sacredness that I could immediately feel my spirit join her demeanor. It’s a rare treat! There is no static when you sit with these souls who embody divine guidance.

I am not driven to follow gurus. I never have been. We are all imperfect humans finding our way through the most loving journey. Some folks have had more lessons and experiences to pass on. I learn from those. Being in her space allowed me to see…feel…touch… true love. I felt loved. I felt her love. I can’t describe that any better. Her ego wasn’t there and that’s refreshing to witness. There are many “spiritual teachers” out there who talk a lot about the ego-less mind, Christ consciousness, and terminology that describes the shedding of the human chit-chat, while entering a state of complete awareness. I have been among many folks who have declared themselves to be just that. I have also been led wrongly by them and have lost my power on many occasions. But, yesterday I was in the presence of such pure guidance.

I woke in the middle of the night to enter meditation and I still felt her eyes gently caressing me. She’s a teacher. And she walks her knowing.

I hope you are able to find these true spiritual teachers in your life. I pray they enhance your inner power and guidance. A true spiritual teacher brings out the best in you. They allow you to truly reach divinity through love.

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