Come Closer

Okay, come closer. I have to tell you something. I want you to be mindful of what I am sharing. I want you to truly take it in:

“It’s going to be okay. I know it doesn’t feel like it today. It might not feel like it tomorrow. But, it’s all gonna work out. It might not work out the way you expect. It might feel raw and yucky. It may feel like a pile of bird poop all the time. It might hurt like a mother. It will be okay. You know how I know this? Because you are here today. You have endured so many battle scars. They are your warrior medal of honors. You have conquered health issues, losses, brokenness beyond your years, and here you are still reading this. Hell, you might be going through it all right now…but it has an ending and a new beginning. So, please, please, hang on. Breathe through it. Don’t just keep scrolling up or down until the next story that will feel fitting to hide the pain or increase it. You stop now, close you eyes and feel your breath.”

I know, for whatever reason, it feels like the world is ending right now….not the world but your world. It feels as if you cannot deal with another single thing on your plate. Then eat part of the plate by separating it in pieces. Chew what you can today. Set aside what you cannot. Take things in small bites and be present with the awareness that you are magnificent. You are a hero. You are the best hero in your life cause not one single person knows what you are going through but you and you continue to move through every single day.

Let’s breathe in and fully exhale together. Ahhhh.

I love you! ~m.a.p.

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