I stood in line at the grocery store. A man in front of me had such sadness. I stood there taking it in as he waited to pay….Feeling his heartache. I began to cry. He turned to me. Tears in his eyes. He took his groceries and walked out. He could have been my son but he was my brother on this walk. The Cashier allowed me to compose myself. Without any words exchanged we all knew.

There is nothing to add to heartache. A soft glance says it all. So I handed him my smile and tears. May he find what he needs to mend his break. May he recognize his worth. May he know that I saw him. I felt him. I love him. That’s all we can offer at times.

No words needed.

Please know you aren’t alone. A million of others walk beside you. Billions more walk apart. But we connect in the collectiveness of humanity.

You and I are one. Together or apart.

I love you.

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