Faith Is

A friend recently said, “I wish I knew what I don’t know.” It’s amazing how those words have stuck out. We have a knowing and certainty at times that guides us into the most amazing places. At other times the same knowing tells us that we are missing something that we should know but we cannot reach it. It’s frustrating.

Our humanness battles with divinity and spiritual processing. It’s a constant battle of patience and expectation. But, when that feeling comes up I am aware I have to remember that God is in charged. I have to believe that if I follow synchronicity and make no rash decisions I will be better than okay. I keep my mantra, “Okay, God, this or better!”

I like to believe wholeheartedly that mysticism is birthed through those in-between moments of not knowing what I should know and surrendering. I see the first step onto the dark stairwell…the rest is moving through blinded faith.

And that’s magical. That is faith. That is what moves our world from dark into living. When it all starts to align and I can see my creation, my asking, my thoughts coming together to reality. That faith and manifestation at its finest.

Keep your thoughts vibrating with positivity. It may take some effort but I promise you will eventually align all your dreams into a reality. ~m.a.p.

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