It’s Not Your Business

I’ve been pretty good at reading people by how they show up and see me. If I happen to rub them in a negative light I began to question the reflection. I try to hold up love. Unfortunately, I am not always fairies and butterflies. I am raw and sarcastic. I’m often quick to forgive and forget (to then experience pain all over again). So when someone doesn’t like me or is rude to me I see pain. I see mine and theirs.

I see my own scars. I witness my own issues with worth. I can feel the chubby little Millie show up on a corner of the scene. And that is always important too. We must acknowledge our inner child.

But, I have also grown and learned that I can be too much for people. I am too airy-fairy or too eccentric or too whatever. Often times it is that I am too delusional! People will look and search in others from their perspective. So I don’t take things personally like I did years ago.

Once I recognize them I can love them from afar. I don’t have to make them like me. It’s not my job. They aren’t ready for a fairy.

What others think of you is not your business…for real. We cannot be everything to everyone. You are responsible for living your truth. You are here to connect and love while doing no harm. The folks we meet are teachers. They show us our character. They emphasize our strengths and weaknesses.

What always remains…should always stay the same…is how you see yourself. See yourself as the miracle that you are.

Go out there today and be a lighthouse, darling. I love you.

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