Allow the Universe

Someone told me a story today about a professor she had many decades ago in college. The professor was going blind and my friend became her assistant to check papers and run errands for her in the university. We had been discussing what we knew for sure. She said her professor would always say that the only thing every morning she knew to be true (that she could count on daily) was that 2+2=4.

I looked at my friend and she said that she needs certainty in her life. Now in her 60’s she wakes every day with one or two things she can count on, including that 2+2=4.

I went silent. I allowed her to give me a long explanation of why she needed to know things for certain…because there were too many unknowns already in our lives. She needed to have something to control as she entered each day.

She asked me if I needed something of certainty daily. I told her I already had it. I know when I wake daily I am given a gift…one more day. One more blank canvas to serve the world. I didn’t need to add or subtract. I didn’t need to hold on to something for sure…. I like the surprises that appear in the journey. It’s more fun that way.

She smiled. She recognizes that I am airy-fairy. She is of logical sound mind. I am not. I walk on serendipity and synchronicities daily. I know that I know nothing. I don’t need assurance because the moment I wake I have been provided with magic.

What do you need to know for sure on a daily basis? Is there something that you have to know? Do you require lists and control elements to move through your day? Do you need reassurance daily from loved ones?

And, what if you didn’t have to take inventory of what you know? What could you do with all that time you surrender to the unknown and the mysticism of your life? Please share.

4 thoughts on “Allow the Universe

  1. It’s been so long since I last thought about it, I couldn’t tell you any more. The older I get, the less I worry about needing to count on something. Like you, I’m thankful for just waking up every day.

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