Walking in Someone Else’s Shoes

I’m always surprised (and shocked) at how easily folks on social media react to certain posts/opinions/memes/comments. People aren’t afraid to show their asses via this forum. This gives them the freedom to be reactive to the smallest things. They use emojis or say the harshest things that, I truly don’t believe, in person they would be saying face to face.

Listen, darlings, when you read something that doesn’t resonate and align with you there is still ways to keep on scrolling. A nasty reaction and comment can create energetic havoc. I don’t entertain it in any of my pages. I will delete the comments. I will put a stop to the inappropriate battling over stupid nonsense. It’s truly unnecessary. We can agree to disagree without clawing our emotional bull shit over a post.

I don’t post political or religious things. I stay away from anything that can cause arguments. So when someone reacts over a post that is uplifting I shake my head in disbelief. Then I stop and take a deep breath. I recognize that the trigger goes way deeper than what is being conveyed.

Take time to recognize our diversities. I don’t agree with everyone so I keep scrolling. I sometimes wonder about that person’s walk…the shoes they wear (who ties their shoelaces) and their background. We get to the place of compassion through loving awareness. We don’t have to like our choices but we sure can find a middle ground.

The empath can accept, detect and reject without making a spectacle!

This is how we start to shift the collective consciousness of our world. Instead of reacting to the ridiculous small things we can start to focus on the larger ones. The world needs our frequencies to be higher and arguing over petty crap is truly ridiculous.

Don’t sweat the small stuff. Have a blessed day.

Note on photo: I took this picture a while back while at the beach. The shoes were far from the crowds. Love the way the just sat there in the wilderness.

4 thoughts on “Walking in Someone Else’s Shoes

  1. This is why I don’t do much on my blog or the Internet these days. Too many controlled thinkers out there to contend with. Many people have lost the ability to think for themselves and so they jump into the popular meme/thought for the day on social media and run with it. It’s very sad, but thank goodness for the free thinkers and believers out there too! They give me hope. Have a happy! VK ❤

  2. Eliza Ayres

    Reblogged this on Blue Dragon Journal and commented:
    It is an interesting process to be a blog editor. People tend to get rather miffed and leave when I delete their rude comments, but they’re not the ones doing the work or having the energy directed at them for naught. I’ve made it quite clear that my blog is my domain. If others don’t approve of what I’m posting, they’re free to leave. And they aren’t allowed to leave trashy comments behind. Do what you have to do to keep your blog a calm space for you, the creator, the editor, and the writer.

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