Precious Acceptance

Yesterday after we dropped Kali off at school Luke (2-1/2 y/o) says loudly from his car seat, “Mommy, your daddy says hi!”

“Your daddy?” I asked.

“Nooooo! My daddy at work. YOUUUURRR daddy. He’s sitting here.”

I answered with strain as tears flooded my eyes, “Okay. Tell him hi for me too.”

I looked through the rear view mirror as he looked at the seat next to him and he said, “She say hi.”

My dad transitioned over 26 years ago. When I had my near death experience several years ago he was the only one who showed up to send me right back here. My father wasn’t much in my life. But I knew he loved me dearly. Luke’s message was endearing. Luke has never seen a picture of my father but I’m certain he knew exactly who he was.

I went to take a Kundalini yoga class right after I dropped him off at school. I’ve never had that kind of yoga before. I realized how deeply I hold my breath. I felt I was holding my breath the entire way to the studio. And I released, shedding old tears onto the mat, curled into child’s pose and grateful for no judgment there. Something opened up like a flood. It was beautiful to just allow it.

Memories visited. When I was Luke’s age I was visited by loved ones who had passed on and I never met. I met them in my room daily. My mother didn’t know what to do with me. She took me to doctors. To therapist. To spiritualists. I learned to block it out. I learned early on that this was not a gift. It was obviously something bad. At around 6 I finally stopped seeing or feeling. I would close my eyes tightly and wished they went away.

I don’t want that…ever…for my children. His message was profound in its simplicity. I had been thinking about my dad during the weekend. It was a sweet confirmation that those who pass are always nearby.

I hold sacred space for loved ones who have transitioned. I don’t always see them but I feel them, or hear them. They come in as flashes. Or knowings. I’m not a medium. I have just learned to pay attention to guidance. And most loved ones have such quirks and sweet ways of letting us know they are near us.

How about you? Do you see dead people? How have you dealt with it in this society? Please share below.

16 thoughts on “Precious Acceptance

  1. My sweet Luke! Already showing signs of being intuitive! Remember, your Dad visited me about 9 months ago! He was tall, lanky, almost bald and wearing a 3-piece suit, so debonair! He didn’t say anything but just smiled, almost beaming, looking off to my right. Suddenly, some young girls appeared chasing one another and laughing! “That’s my daughter, Millie”, he said proudly with his thoughts. I turned to look and there was a young girl, about 12 or 13 with shoulder-length dark hair parted with a barrett holding back one side. He just kept smiling at me then her, and letting me know how proud he was of her! I knew it was you he was talking about. Love you Sweetness and glad to be able to bring you his message!

  2. Gabrielle

    What a beautiful confirmation that we indeed are not alone but also the memory that we have to back up and peel off the dead skin and layers to become innocent again and to trust that Spirit is right here . I get visiting ancestors and special guides often but the more that I acknowledge them and their presence the more powerful the experience is. I still strive even in my knowing to break down the barriers and to let them in.
    If you get a feeling of a message or presence… STOP… go to a quiet place and let them in… Write down what they have to say.. Acknowledge them…. you will be blessed beyond measure🥰
    Blessed Be Millie!!!

  3. I get more visits from Callie, Shadow, and Radar than from human loved ones who have gone ahead. The girls and Radar tend to show up when I’m upset about something…they come and nuzzle my hand or lean into my leg or find an old toy and leave it where I can find it soon afterward. And I know they’re always close by to watch over Ducky for me. Most people I know are animal lovers who also get visits from their furry angels. The ones who don’t I tell “I must be watching too much ‘Dark Shadows’ at night. That always gets a good laugh from folks.

  4. Jane Sturgeon

    I was born into a family who accepted this, thank goodness. I rarely talk about it publically, yet this year have started to say that I see and hear spirit. How lovely that your Luke is able to share naturally with you and you know your Dad is with you all. ❤ Xxxxx ❤

    1. I am meeting more people lately who experience this. Most will not discuss with the fear of judgment. I was in the closet for 44 years. I get it. I wouldn’t discuss anything about the things I felt and saw. Love you.

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