You Perceive Through Experiences

Yesterday in the kitchen my oldest son shared a few messages from his friends for me. Then we got into an in-depth conversation that his friends (in their 30’s) are feeling blah. There is a funky lethargic energy. I told him that even with all this extra time people aren’t feeling motivated. He agreed. He said that this should be the time we should be really diving into artistic creativity, but it isn’t happening for many.

There is a sense of nothingness and uncertainty. People feel as if they are moving through Dooms Day. Others as if they are being controlled.

We can motivate and inspire a million times over but until this is over not many will feel it. It’s easier to be numbed out. The little bit that’s asked of us is a lot at times. Even as simple as staying put and social distancing. We are not made to isolate. And this is why so many folks are struggling.

Yet, there are those who are able to do and move through this. We are being asked to sit with the unknown and trust. We are being told one thing and experiencing others.

Follow your knowing. I don’t care how many people tell you to look at things their way, if it doesn’t resonate you do not have to follow it. You are your best judge of character.

Stay safe. Stay in your truth. If you are motivated…yay. If you are not… yay. Your soul knows what it needs. Be gentle with yourself.

4 thoughts on “You Perceive Through Experiences

  1. Gabrielle

    So true… you’ve gotta watch Abraham- Hicks latest youtube video. What I liked was when they said.. if its too uncomfortable to deal with a current situation, don’t… let it go for awhile and find something that you like to do or something that feels good. This will keep your vibration higher and will keep you in a better space. If you continue to deal with something that feels bad or uncomfortable you will just continue to stay in that space. Let it go !!!

    1. I will watch it. We need to talk. I dreamed with you. I can’t remember anything but I just know I did. Please reach out tomorrow if you can. Sending lots of love your way. ❤️💥😘

  2. I like that comment – this is the time that we should be being artistic and creative! Yet so many of us are mindlessly scrolling through facebook. How about, write something intelligent or thought provoking, learn a new language, paint a picture, or even work on the human relationships in your life. Read a book on self improvement! Cheers.

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