Free book

Hello darlings!

I have a surprise for you!! I deeply feel that 2021 is the year that we find, and step into, our passion while letting go of all the obstacles that have kept us stuck. To assist everyone with that, I’d like to offer each of you my free digital book:

Ballerina in a Bottle, is all about overcoming struggles, self discovery, and sacred journeys. It is based on true events… my true events. May it inspire you to keep going while teaching other,s and yourself, to live fully!!

Please click here to receive your free digital copy!!

Simply enter your email at the bottom of the page and get the book, updates on blogs, classes, and also videos. Upon registering your copy will be automatically sent to you immediately (make sure to check your spam folder). Keep a look out for more free gifts!

Mucho love and blessings,


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