It’s About Love

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The source of divine guidance is ever present waiting patiently for us to remember of our power within. Once we open up to it, accepting there is no outer power separate from the self, it all starts to materialize.

We hold our world. We get to mold our lives. We cannot blame anyone else for fully participating in our creation.

Spiritual truth is the acceptance of our decisions. It is knowing and believing that we are creators.

Every single thing we do is part of this life school.

I’m seeing the miracles creates in a place full of clarity and knowing. It is the multiverse energy of truth. It’s the Christ Consciousness. It’s the Buddha mind. It is all that we’ve been taught to be without the dogma. It is all in us. It’s all that we were created to be.

Open up to it. Allow for it. Remember your power comes from within. You are not without anything. You are the greatest alchemist.

You want to know your superpower?

It’s love.

It’s all about compassion, acceptance and love.

We use terminology that seems puzzling, like matrix or ascension when we talk about spiritual awakening. It’s not that difficult. There is part physics but the rest is who we are. The words are designed to trigger a memory, an emotion, that opens us up. It allows consciousness to expand and we vibrate into truth. The words we use also give power to what we create. Every syllable is magnetic. It attracts everything we want and need.

We are designed to grow and evolve into these human bodies. We are having a human experience while returning to our source of divine spirit. We come in through the consciousness of pure love and leave via the same manner to become the heart of the collective. To become the ALL of truth.

Allow for these days to open you up even further into your self knowing and awareness. Happy Love Day!

Mucho love,


8 thoughts on “It’s About Love

      1. It brings tears to my eyes to see just how many are how on the Love theme. Since 2013 I’ve been led by my heart to get that message out ….. LOVE is the answer. Bless you for shining so brightly!!! Much LOVE to you!! xo

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