It’s in the deepest state of vulnerability that we find truth to all the answers. Even if while taking chances with another you are hurt… that in itself gives you answers.

It’s all about accountability and how you show up. Would you rather play it safe and give up on all those things you dream about? Or would you get out there and courageously take the chance?

I’ve chosen to live my life connecting with others even if it feels like a challenge. I’m not interested in staying out of the arena of true authentic living. I want to live life fighting for what I want. I want those around me to join me there. And it might get bloody and painful. It might be nasty at times. But a life living with openness and courage is vital in my world. It’s also one that requires healthy boundaries and a constant amount of self-care.

Join me in this arena. Let’s cross that bridge of uncertainties and fears together. Live from love and compassion. Talk your talk. Share your life. Stop being paralyzed by what the world may think of you and put yourself out there through authenticity and vulnerability. There is no shame in that! We got this. The time is now. We are no longer able to stay in the safe zone because there is so much more on the other side as we create a new world.

I love you,


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