Getting Out of the Spiritual Closet

Spirituality is being explored during these times more than any other time in history. People are needing connection and those who have hesitated coming out of the closet are truly stepping into their own. The world has shifted in the last two years. What we thought we knew, is no longer true. And those things we thought could never happen, well, they are in process now.

It took me many years to finally “come out.” I was deathly afraid of what others would think. Even when they knew I was gifted, I hesitated speaking my truth. I refused to say that I could see and feel things that others didn’t. It took several medical events for me to own it and recognize that I had to accept who I was. When I finally did, guess what happened? Others around me accepted me. The few who did not, they fell out of my life. I got to a point where my spirituality was guiding me into a better life. Not necessarily easier, but better.

How can you step out of your spiritual closet?

  • Accept that you are not crazy. Stop the self-labeling and the old programming. Look around. We are on an entirely different phase of human evolution. Your energy is needed. Nothing good happens in the comfort zone, or inside of a closet. Even the best of clothes needs to be shown out in the world. Step out of labels and old paradigm. You have got what it takes to help shift the planet. If it’s labeled as “crazy” then we need more gangster spiritual craziness.
  • Be kind and gentle with yourself.  Stop comparisons. The thing that stops you from moving     forward lies in comparing yourself to those around you. You are magnificent as you are. Your inklings, knowings, and spiritual truths are guiding you for a reason. You are not any more, or any less, different than anyone around you. You are unique and your gifts are specifically designed for your wearing. Get them out of the closet.
  • Learn, study, and educate yourself on the things that interest you. One of the most amazing decisions you can make during a spiritual awakening is researching and educating yourself. The internet is designed for knowledge. Dive into your passions. Express yourself with others about what you see, hear, feel, and know. You are not alone. And, you may be able to teach others as well. Your closet is not the only place that needs your beauty.
  • Hold on to your beliefs. There is this false ideology that “spirituality” is separate from beliefs taught by religion. Your beliefs are ingrained in you. They may have come from childhood, or the lack of beliefs in your youth. You might have been that child who saw things that no one else in your family could witness. You might have been outcasted because of that. But, your beliefs, in what you know as your core, are intricately designed to help serve the world.
  • Let go of the fear. The things that hold us back are caused by our fear of judgment and criticism. You are a divine being of light. You have been given a fantastic opportunity to use your superpowers. Imagine how many people you can help, along with yourself, by being you. You know what eliminates fear? Love. Acceptance. Self-care. Understanding. Once you recognize that your worth is not based on what and how others see you. It is based on how you accept and love yourself. It’s then that you can successfully leave the closet and showcase your individuality. Embrace it!
  • Judgment is not about you. People judge others based on what they don’t understand, their own programming, and experiences. You cannot make everyone happy all the time. But you can make yourself feel empowered by your own spirituality. You have these gifts so that you can evolve and trust in them throughout your life. Everyone has different levels of intuition. What stops those who judge you are their perspectives. Religion, family beliefs, and social status play a huge part on how we are seen. You do you, boo! Be your magnificent self without worrying how it will look to the world.
  • Embrace those spiritual gifts. Your gifts are part of the Divine plan. No gift is bigger or better. Everything you’ve been given is for your own evolution and human experience. Stop belittling yourself because of what you know. Stand in your own light, step out of the closet by accepting that these gifts are reflections of something greater. It is perfectly fine to feel apprehension, but your spirituality is a muscle that needs to be used and strengthen. Having it locked away ignites anxiety. Your superpower is your willingness to be yourself… wholeheartedly, without reservations.
  • Find new folks to share your abilities. Social media is a great way to meet others with similar interests and spiritual beliefs. Find groups to share your abilities and your experiences. The more you use them, the better you will feel about yourself. Nothing says “freedom” like being with like-minded individuals who see you and accept you for all that you are. Plus, groups help magnify frequencies. You learn from each other.
  • Step into your spiritual authenticity. We are experiencing the era of spiritual awakening. The taboo of psychics, channelers, metaphysical facilitators and healers is becoming mainstream acceptance. Your light is recognized by others who are also living their truth. Your spiritual authenticity allows you to feel free. You live in your knowing. You are led by spirit and divine guidance. You attract the abundance of universal flow because of living in your truth. Stop hiding behind curtains, in closets, and be who you are. God created you to be the greatest source of energy.
  • Share your gifts to serve the world around you. Most people, when they step out of their spiritual closet, are afraid that ego will take over. They stop the flow of energy in fear of how others will witness their growth. Your gifts are not egotistical. Open the conduit door to Divinity. Your service to yourself and others attract a lot more than you can ever imagine. We are created in energy. The more you utilize those high frequencies, the more your life will be blessed. You will begin to witness miracles all around you. The world is waiting!

Ultimately, you know what is right for you. You also know when you can share. I recognize that during these times, the younger generation is coming into their own without the fears of being bullied or rejected. They are standing in their light. It is so beautiful to witness!

We all volunteered to be here during these times. It will take each one of us to step into the light and help this planet heal. Thank you for being here. Life is a sacred journey. Go clean out your closet and step out with the best, most yummilicious spiritual outfit that was created for you alone. Your soul will thank you for it.

I love you,


2 thoughts on “Getting Out of the Spiritual Closet

  1. Miguel

    Yes to all of this so beautiful have been working hard on letting go of the old paradigm and people in the story of me. Thank you my love.

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