You are Part Butterfly

I read somewhere this week that butterflies can’t see their own wings. They have no idea how magnificent and beautiful they are. They don’t know that they hold magic in their colorful wings.

Imagine that?!

Maybe, just maybe, you are part butterfly. You aren’t able to see your beauty or how magnificently miraculous you are. It’s all in you and you just can’t access it, but others around you see you. They see the divinity in you… moving along, exchanging energy, loving life, and feeling that yummilicious compassion that ties us together.

It’s okay! You are part butterfly. That’s it!!!
So, continue spreading your wings. Keep loving yourself. Continue showing up.

We see you. I see you. You are exquisite, graceful, and created in the image of Source!

I love you!


10 thoughts on “You are Part Butterfly

  1. We’ve been trained since birth to not see our beauty! We have been taught since birth that we really don’t matter. We’ve been taught since birth that our wings don’t have any color and certainly are not pretty….Time to rethink ourselves! This will all be part of the new world emerging. Sending you love for a beautiful day VK ❤

  2. Gabrielle Casebonne

    Ahhh but they do see others beauty and focus on that because they instinctively know where they come from …a miracle of nature!!!!!!
    What a great lesson!!!! 🥰

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