Tenacious Spirits

There’s a rose vine growing on the side of the house. It’s out grown its space, shooting up and reaching the overhang, soffit, of the building. The vine curved and went around it and has passed the height of the edifice. I marvel at its tenacity. I am in awed of its strength and consistent virtue to outlive the obstacles in its path. This rose vine didn’t fight with the overhang. It merely bent and made a right angle and kept moving upward. Nature perseveres and molds to its surroundings. We don’t! We would continue to break through the building or die trying.

Our humanness could learn so much from watching the earth. A tree will endure, reshape and conform to its environment in order to survive. Our egos fight against anything that is in our path to stop us, break us and degrade us. Instead of releasing control and adjusting the sails of the journey, we hurt ourselves. I stand in front of this vine, thorns thick and strong, all alone through the different weather, taking in the divine wisdom. This member of nature has not asked for permission. It has done what needs to be done to accommodate its growth.

We grow through pain. We learn through suffering. We bang against anything that gets in our way with anger. I want to be that vine. I want to move through obstacles and make each challenge a means of surviving without guilt, shame or disgrace. Ultimately, we are responsible for our betterment and the evolution of our higher self. We move through spirit and this is beyond lovely. Today I have learned from the individualism of nature and all it is meant to teach.

I love you,

2 thoughts on “Tenacious Spirits

  1. The beauty of nature….So much we can learn from it. There is no giving up in nature, just a determination to coexist with everything around it and being resourceful. Just the fact things like roses can climb up the side of a house and not fall down amazes me…Pretty roses Millie! Enjoy!
    VK ❤

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