Special Sunday Hike

There is something expansive and completely palpable about being nature. I get lost in my head at first and then in deep spiritual connection. The smell of decay and humidity bring me alive. Being surrounded by trees and water, oh my! I have a great sense of direction when I am not distracted. Today I wasn’t. I was present with every step.

The first half hour, or so, my body complained about the pain. Ego was not happy. I told it that it was my birthday and with pain or not, I was going to hike for hours.

Eventually it stops. It all stops. I come to a place or deep awareness for God and this planet. I spent hours in prayer and sending healing to those friends, family and acquaintances who are struggling. I zoomed out and sent to the planet. In those incredible moments of connection I am elated by the energy and frequency of the forest and mountains. I feel everything. I understand what I never understand outside of the mountains. It’s indescribable. I removed my boots and walked around the river and I could feel the earth vibrating. I felt such joy!

After the first hour a man was coming opposite of me. I asked him as we passed if he had found the upper falls.

“I’ve walked in circles. There is no definite path. I have tried so many times to find this place.”

I told him that it exists. I have seen it years ago. Unfortunately, it was by mistake because there is no easy trail to get to them. These waterfalls are like Shangri-La: you have to believe in order to see it. I never found them today. I found other treasures within those hours. I found myself sitting in the middle of the river on a giant boulder (in front of a giant heart-shaped rock) eating my lunch and speaking to nature.

I found peace, balance, and love. I released, rejoiced and rejuvenated.

It was a perfect day. I was recharged by the end of it. I hope you had a wonderful Easter!

I love you always…Millie

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