How Do We Begin To Heal?

I am heartbroken as many of you are as well. The more I think about these senseless shootings, the angrier and detached I feel about humanity. And, I love humanity. I believe we have incredible potentials to become a collective full of love. But… something like this shatters my beliefs.

I can’t wrap my head around these mass shootings and how the government, with all it’s bureaucracy and laws about other things, doesn’t fix this. And, I am not here to argue about rights to bear arms. This is not the Wild West. This is supposed to be a civilized country protecting its citizens.

I cannot begin to imagine the loss and grief for these families. An elementary school is supposed to be a place of innocence where children begin the journey of friendships and connections. They look forward to going each day. What are we teaching them about safety and security at these young ages?

We need to change the laws in this country when it comes to its people. I sit here tonight listening to the sounds of my two little ones and wondering how these parents will navigate these losses. I can’t even imagine!

Sending out prayers doesn’t seem to be enough. Holding vigilance and sacred space doesn’t feel like the answer. At least not for me right now.

I have been afraid of guns since I was a child. It isn’t the guns, but the power man has when utilizing them. Changes need to happen NOW. How many more adults and children need to pay for this insanity?

I dream of a world that heals and protects each other. Tonight I am desperately trying to make sense of it all!


4 thoughts on “How Do We Begin To Heal?

  1. I don’t know how any parent can not be afraid to send their child(ren) to school, to church, to the store, or anywhere.

    This senseless, needless massacre of young lives has got to stop! But how do we stop it if our own lawmakers refuse to work together to make the necessary changes to gun ownership and gun safety laws? Have they gotten so greedy, so callous, that the ONLY thing that matters to them is the money in their pockets? Have they become so narcissistic that the lives of even their own children or grandchildren mean nothing to them? That’s the way it has seemed to me since the Sandy Hook massacre in 2012.

    My heart is broken for the families of the latest victims, just as it was 10 years ago.

    I seriously doubt the existence of humanity in this country as a whole at times. Yet, for the sake of my own sanity, I have to continue to believe that there are more good people than bad in this country, or in the world for that matter.

  2. I hear you Millie…I was washing dishes yesterday and looking out the window and I kept trying to imagine what an entire town must be like with so many families grieving over the same losses. It’s bad enough with one or two but 19! Just about every house is shedding tears. Very sad. Even sadder is the predictable political chanting for gun control. It’s not the guns, it’s the person pulling the trigger but we never hear chanting about fixing mental health for the millions who are suffering and need care or about the millions of illegals pouring over our borders who are killing and raping innocent people. These are very sick and evil and backwards times. It’s fixing to change though. God is getting ready to step in and lay own the law and we best be ready. When he does these things the earth shakes and the people are in awe. If he parted the Red Sea I can’t imagine what he’ll do here. I hope it happens soon before we completely destroy our country….Faith is in order and of course lots of prayers for those families. Stay at peace within Millie…VK ❤

    1. VK, thank you so much for sharing this. I agree. It’s not the guns. We have an mental health epidemic and the resources aren’t there to help… the laws need to change in order to protect us. I love you!

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