A Great Spiritual Reset

2020 brought us a massive awakening. We began to see with 20/20 vision the things that no longer fit into our lives.

Without busyness a lot of our shadow self emerged. Things we had not dealt with came up and out. They got magnified. We were confined with others who were also experiencing their own shi(f)t.

I was sure then that there would be many separations and divorces when we returned to our previous lifelines. That’s exactly what happened in my own life. There were also many who found themselves picking up a vice (or two) in order to suppress the event(s). There was abuse involved and lots of low vibrational challenges ahead. There was so much loss and anxiety and uncertainties. We are seeing things come to light now, three years later.

Take a breather. Return to this moment. Look how far you’ve come on this great spiritual reset. Step back from it all throughout your day. Recognize your truth. These times, now, are about releasing and exploring all the karmic stuff and experiences that have kept you hostage all these years. We aren’t the same. We have had major upgrades, and I feel it is going to get even more interesting this year.

At this time you may be triggered by your partner, kids, parents, friends, neighbors and the media. You may be rubbed and irritated by the things, that before these times, didn’t trigger you. You may even fantasize of how different your life could be. You keep getting these intense nudges that something is “off” or not quite right in your life. You may be feeling into the massive anger and hurt in the collective, and because you are a super-empath, you feel that it’s yours.

It’s not. And, it is!

That other life that began three years ago is completely different. You may be questioning your purpose here. You may be dreaming of how to reinvent yourself professionally. You are also recognizing that simplicity is your new reality. You didn’t need all the heavy distractions. You don’t need all the things that used to make you happy.

Now, if you aren’t experiencing these obstacles, that’s okay too. I am so happy you are stable and able to live in your truth. This is your life. I believe our timelines have shifted or split. There is no returning to that other one because your experiences now are forcing a new life for you. You will never be the same.

My suggestion to you at this time is to deal with the dark side of your personality. It’s time to ascend and in order to do so you can no longer put that side of you on hold. You can no longer neglect healing it. Those triggers that keep being nudged or poked are trying to tell you something from your higher self. “It’s time to reset and clear the hurt that passed through your life.” Heal the past and work on releasing it. Forgive yourself. Forgive others. That irritation in you creates a crack that is allowing light to enter. The pressure may be too much to handle at times. Just know it will pass.

The struggle is real for many of us. I promise that you will emerge through a complete metamorphosis. It isn’t pretty. It is definitely uncomfortable. But… sigh, I feel you will choose the best outcome for you and your family. We are living in fascinating times and it feels hard. We make it harder with our thoughts. We were NOT meant to struggle this way. We have been programmed to believe in things and experiences that have nothing to do with the evolution of our souls.

I love you.



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