My Heart Unfolds

In the depths of my being, I find solace,

A sacred space where vulnerability takes hold.

I stand at the crossroads, poised to release,

In this dance of surrender, my heart unfolds.

Like a fragile petal, I loosen my grip,

Releasing the burdens that no longer serve.

I surrender the need for control and let go,

Embracing the unknown with a faith unserved.

In the silence of surrender, I find my strength,

For it takes courage to release what I hold dear.

But in the emptiness, a sacred void emerges,

Where love and grace whisper, erasing all fear.

I let go of the past, with its lingering pain,

A burden too heavy to carry any longer.

I invite forgiveness to flow through my veins,

Healing the wounds, making me stronger.

With each breath, I surrender to the divine flow,

Trusting that the universe guides my way.

I release attachments, expectations, and doubts,

Creating space for miracles to come and play.

In this sacred act of letting go, I find freedom,

A liberation that transcends the limitations of my mind.

I am a vessel for divine love and light,

A soul unburdened, ready to soar and unwind.

So, I surrender to the whispers of my soul,

In vulnerability’s embrace, I find my peace.

I let go and allow my spirit to expand,

Embracing the divine flow that will never cease.

Letting go becomes a sacred ritual,

A dance of surrender, an act of trust.

In vulnerability, I find my true essence,

A soul unfettered, shining with divine lust.

In this moment, I surrender and let go,

In vulnerability’s embrace, my spirit takes flight.

I release, I surrender, I let the universe guide,

Embracing the liberation, with love as my guiding light.

~Millie America

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