On Being Human

Amidst the depths of being human, a universe unfolds,

Vast and mysterious, a tapestry of stories untold.

Emotions collide, like galaxies in cosmic dance,

Weaving the fabric of our lives, by chance.

Within the heart’s labyrinth, love and longing reside,

Aching echoes of connection, impossible to hide.

Joy and sorrow intertwine, like sunsets and storms,

Beneath the surface, a symphony of norms.

The mind, a kaleidoscope of thoughts and dreams,

Searching for meaning in life’s flowing streams.

Questions arise, seeking truth’s elusive shore,

Navigating the tides, forever seeking more.

In this vulnerability, strength is found anew,

A fragile resilience, woven through and through.

In pain and triumph, we learn to grow,

Like seeds, we rise, a testament to the ebb and flow.

The depth of being human is a boundless sea,

Where laughter and tears coexist harmoniously.

For in our imperfections, we find beauty’s embrace,

An ever-evolving journey, a dance of grace.

So let us dive deeper, explore our soul’s expanse,

Embrace the contradictions, take life’s daring chance.

For in the depths of being human, we discover,

The richness of existence, a love to uncover.

~Millie America

I love you!


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