No Giving Up

I was finishing my coffee and getting ready to head out into the real world yesterday. As I was making my way into the kitchen something powerful hit me: The words, “I am not giving up my faith in humanity.” I wasn’t even thinking about anything of importance. I began brewing my second cup of java and while standing in the middle of the kitchen the words echoed once again and tears began to cloud my vision. I understand why these words link together. I am seeing so much negativity in social media…the snippets of news I hear along the day…the comments made by friends and family. I hear the necessary things and discard the rest.

BUT, I am not influenced by what anger and fear have to say. I believe in the human spirit. I believe in humanity. I truly believe that things escalate when we continue to shed light into the darkness.

I feel the intensity of change and shifting striving. Things break. They have to in order to expand. Our hearts get fractured from all the violence and crimes. And then, that fracturing begins to slowly heal. Oh my God, when does it stop, right? Well, I am still NOT giving up my faith in HUMANITY. The moment we lose faith the enemy wins. That simple!

I know I am a bit naïve. Okay, maybe too naïve for some people, but I have to believe in the core of my spirit that things happen to bring humanity back on track. We have to stop the freaking labels. We have to diminish the bigotry and racism. We are not black, white, brown, yellow or pink. We are not our religions: Christian, Jewish, Muslim or whatever. We are breathing beings trying to find our way in this planet. We are roommates trying to set boundaries on what the other person needs to feel comfortable. AND even roommates have turmoil in their living arrangements because we are all different: personalities, beliefs, culture, etc.

I am not giving up on humanity. In my daily meditations I see love. I witness the ripples and connections from all the humans together. Because of this I am going to go to come continue doing my share of showing up and handing compassion whenever I can. That doesn’t make me an “angel.” It makes me human.

I go work to read and review countless files of folks who are mentally ill, traumatized, and purely in extreme need of help. You want perspective…walk into a place that has lost hope. Walk into a village that has little water. Walk into a place that has thousands of folks living in filth. Walk into a war zone of folks fighting all in the name of their God. It’s senseless, yes! It’s disgusting, yes! It’s truly demoralizing and it feeds into your fears of what another human is capable of doing with hatred. Alienation, hatred and hostility do not disappear alone. These emotions begin to dissolve and suppress when we shine compassion and love to them.

I don’t have the freaking answers to why these horrific acts of humanity happen…every day. Cause they do happen daily but we don’t hear about them. I don’t truly understand all the hatred. I don’t get the reason we hold on to issues without forgiving. But I have to promise my spirit that until my last breath I will not give up on humanity because I believe in us and the power of community. I believe in a higher power that brings us together. I believe in you.

Together we can commit to bringing love and aid to others…not my judging or rejecting what’s happening…or criticizing another’s faith. Definitely not by constantly talking about the negative (which just instills even more negativity and fear in our souls). We bring it home into our spirits by truly empathizing and realizing that what happens over there is also part of our stories.

May you have a beautiful day…and may you realize that you have the power to change the world one heart at a time! You have it in you to change in small dosages and large quantities. Together we can make the world a better place.


Dinner Date with Love

I attended a care plan meeting for one of my folks today. My sweet client insisted on being there which is rare since it’s a meeting about the care of the client. Doctors, nurses, social workers and other facility staffs sit and discuss any recent changes of the patient. Today he decided to roll in there on his wheelchair.

As soon as he saw me a giant smile came over him. See, I sing a song that has his name in it from the 80’s. And as soon as he sees me, even though he’s had a brain injury, he just smiles ear to ear showing me his naked gums.

He wasn’t planning on attending the Thanksgiving dinner one night next week. When I asked why he said he didn’t have family. He didn’t feel like being there alone.

Folks, this is the part of my job that touches me to the core of humanity. I held back the tears…

“You have me! I can come and have dinner with you.”

I thought he was gonna stand up from his wheelchair. His body is paralyzed on one entire side but he hit the table and yelled, “I am coming to dinner, y’all. I got me a date. “

Then he whispered, “just don’t bring your husband.”

We all laughed. He laughed and giggled and I have never seen him wanting to take off from being around the facility faster than he did. But before he headed out we pinky sweared cause that’s how I say goodbye to my folks.

This next week remember the meaning of the Holidays. It’s about being grateful for what and who you are. It’s about feeling blessed for the loved ones around you. Time slips away in a moment. You don’t know what you have until it’s not there anymore.

What’s a few hours of joy to someone who has no one? It truly means the world to them. Make a point to touch your neighbors, call a friend, and send love out into the world. Remind others that they are precious and you acknowledge their existence.

I walked to my car laughing and crying simultaneously. I am blessed for the teachers who arrive into my presence and they are usually the ones who haven’t a clue of the light that shines from


God bless!

The Sweetness of Life

This was written two years ago but the message still stands true:

I met Amy yesterday while eating a salad in a supermarket deli down the road from home. She works there and was taking a break eating an eclair. The cream was sliding down her hand to her wrist and she was enjoying licking every spec of it. Embarrassed she said, “I know I look silly but I just can’t help myself. This is fattening but I deserve it.” She showed me a smile missing several teeth while I shared my laughter. “Girl, you go at it. I gave up sweets several weeks ago and I haven’t been so miserable in my life. But on the lighter note my body feels better.” We both shared into the laughter. This middle age woman cut the back of her eclair and said, “Here, sweetie, life is too short to not have sugar.” I thanked her but I was fine eating my salad.

And, in between the laughter, the discussion on weight and sugar, we spoke about life. No, not life in the “meaning of life” but life in its simplest forms. Watching her devour that eclair was like seeing a child play in the mud…it was freeing. I opted to buy her another but she got up, rubbed her belly, cleaned off the remnants of sugar around her mouth and said in her southern tongue, “I… AM…GOOD! I gots to go back to work. It was so much fun having lunch with you, lady.” She left the table with an aura of contentment.

After a hectic day I was reminded of the simple things in life. To her it’s an eclair. To me it’s coming home and cuddling with a baby girl, a cat, and a kind man who makes me laugh silly. My wish for you today is to find your joy. Find your eclair. Be a child. Love openly…and don’t worry what others think. Life IS way too short not to do what you want. Have a magically sweet day. Make this week about you and honoring your inner child.

Retrospective Observation from a Retreat

Twenty women from 20 to 82 years young shared space for 3 days. Not one single discord or negative exchanged was witnessed. Every single woman is from different background and faith, yet not once did I witness judgment or criticism for anyone sharing their feelings. We all laughed in the same language. We all embraced our differences. I am always blessed to be among such gorgeousness and tribe.

Amazing women have shared and entertained. We have touched upon all kinds of subjects, played games and truly loved. We have put our guards down. It’s been one of the most magical times in a while. The cackling of joy has been overwhelmingly silly and therapeutic. Omgosh!

It was a true no-judgment zone full of kindness and mutual ongoing respect.

Hospitality is not about entertaining. Hospitality is an attitude of opening up your life so others can come in and join. It is about allowing love and kindness to flow through that space of sharing and being in the present moment with company. And when this happens it is magical! I enjoy each one who shared that space with me at the Charleston Laughfest Retreat.

I walked miles of that beach with and without company. We shared with each meal and games. Everyone of those ladies took something magical home with them. And I took their friendships to a deeper level.

I am blessed to have been in a sacred space of love and compassion. Everyone needs that. It recharges the batteries. A weekend full of laughter is healing and therapeutic to the oomph degree.

If you don’t have a tribe please do make one, join one, or just reach out to me. I can help with that. I’m sure we can build one together.

I love you.

Going Home

I visited my favorite 96 y/o this afternoon. She’s fragile. I went into her room and sat next to her. She asked to touch my face and immediately said what she always says, “Hello. You are my favorite nurse! What time is it? Are you giving me medicine?”

I kissed her. She held my hands. I told her I just came to visit. I asked her how she was doing.

“I’m going home. I’m ready. That’s how I’m doing?”

“Where are you going, darling?”

She immediately said loudly, “I going to be with the Good Lord. I’m ready! I plan on seeing my husband. I’m gonna dance again. I’m gonna get my vision. I will sing and feel young again.”

She’s ready. I’m not. Not quite yet. Not today. Maybe not tomorrow. So I let the tears fall without her knowing. I will miss her…her spunkiness and smart remarks are precious. I will miss her stories. I will miss her soulfulness and smile.

She shared more about love and life. She was tired. In a loving and gentle manner she let me know after a bit that she wanted to go to sleep.

I kissed her tightly. Her fragile bones wrapped around me. Her lovely fingers traced my face. And I left keeping it together trying to be professional.

Outside were leaves flying all over. The trees showed their beauty as they stand the test of time and weather.

She has lived through some major weather changes: storms, floods, sunrises, and seasons. Her colors are dimming. She’s ready to go home…dancing, whistling, swirling in the wind like the autumn leaves falling right outside her window.

(Photo taken outside of her facility. Reminded me of her love for life. Vibrant).

Redesigning Your Life

I look outside on this beautiful cool November day at the many naked trees. Leaves are falling fast. The forest is starting to look bare behind our house. In the process of it getting there I see how simple things make my life worthwhile. It is those sweet fundamental moments of being present while staring at nature that I feel grounded.

I’ve been working on redesigning my life this year. Every day!

In that state of creating I enter a place of divinity. Call it meditation, prayer, contemplation or a visit from a muse. These are the moments that make me come to the realization I am content and filled with gratitude for all that I have.

It is gratitude that creates magic.

Things such as love, family, work, resting, writing, sharing and living through this journey become my perfect reality. It is never easy to follow a dream that others cannot understand. But, if you are honest with yourself and those folks see how well you manage under the many obstacles they, too, will see the light of joy it brings in you.

You are better because of living authentically. I always say a line that makes people laugh, “I know my truth!” And, this is my truth. I am blessed I am not alone on this journey. I thank each one of you for being my beacons of light every day. Have a wonderful day! Tap into your imagination and create all that you desire!

This is Life

Hello sweet loving souls! Stepping away sometimes creates a different energy to move into a truth that otherwise gets distorted with opinions and criticism. Usually it’s our own judgment. In order to obtain your goals you must step away from judgment. No other way around it. We get what we create: drama, weight, health issues, money, and whatever thought you are obsessing on. The surest way to get really sick is holding on to resentments. Let that shit go! Someone hurt you…yes, see all the sides of the story. Someone criticized you…yes, you can see how hurt they are in their own stories while pointing the finger at you. Own your part in everything. Take full responsibility in the saga. Realize that it’s all a matter of perception. Also recognize how pivotal those lessons are for the evolution of your soul.

This is YOUR life. Don’t you forget that. It’s yours to live however you want with whom ever you please at whatever time you desire.

You have a goal, dammit go for it! Even when your ego is bitchy and negative. Because guess what? You create through your vibe. What you put forth with high vibration and frequencies is what makes the heart fill up with joy and becomes yours. The only obstacle in your way is YOU and how you perceive your choices. Are you worth it? Do you deserve this? Do you really want it? Get pen and paper and write the things you desire. Thank the Universe, God, the great mysteries for it all. Be grateful for them already being in your life even if you find it impossible. Do not try and control the outcome. Just BE! I promise that you will get that or better. Have a blessed day. Go create a life full of magic and mysticism.