The Journey Ahead

Life is a remarkable platform for learning. Just when things run smoothly a bump on the road forces you to slow down. And then another. Before you know it the path comes to a halt. You can get out of your vehicle, breathe and take a few moments to recognize that things are out of your control. The road is now under construction. Your choices are simple: get upset over the road blockage, or take the time to realize there might be a reason for it all. Then from there adjust your position, grab your GPS and find another way. There is always another way. Even if it’s just looking at things differently. Your attitude should always return to gratitude for every lesson.

We are undergoing some major changes. The roads are getting blocked and dangerous at times. We must not only stay in our lanes, but also return to faith that there are other paths ahead. It’s okay to breakdown and get angry, but don’t stay there. It’s okay to feel sorry for yourself and those around you, but don’t allow it to consume you. The energy is beyond intense at this moment. Actually the energy seems to be coming from the fear of the collective…so try not to add to it.

I share the blockage story because it’s important to remember your soul is a vehicle and the world ahead is the path. You have little control over situations and obstacles at times. But, you have the ability to rise above it all and shift gears. You can choose your exit from those adventures. As you continue to rise in your spiritual evolution, the challenges deepen. You are being asked to return to love and forgiveness. You are being redirected to make wise choices from another place, therefore having to make new programming. The way you have been taught isn’t working. We are all having to remember what we instinctively knew before arriving here.

I hope and pray you have folks in your life who can help charge your battery, bring you gas, and even pick you up when you are feeling stranded. I hope you have a delicious tribe that can truly make you feel that nothing is impossible. I am beyond blessed to have mine. If you don’t have it…come over to my lane…I will help you.

I love you. Be gentle with yourself this weekend. This swirling and chaotic shaking in the esoteric realm is not for sissies.

Peaceful Quest Retreats is Closing

pqr closing

The past 5-1/2 years of our lives in Peaceful Quest Retreats have been a true university of spirit. We have learned so much about others and the purpose of our own lives. It’s been an enriching experience of heart and soul. There was never a single moment of avoiding life because we were living through the many folks who walked through our doors. Bobbie and I have been blessed to have had the opportunity to invite so many strangers into our lives.

As of January 1st of 2016, Peaceful Quest Retreats will be closed. We will not be taking any further reservations. It will no longer be a motel or retreat center. We are closing the doors to a business but not friendships. We are closing doors to one side of this venture while allowing for so many other opportunities to appear. Excitement is in the air! A sense of awesomeness is right around the corner. We welcome the chance to travel and experience life through other venues. This beautiful place has been the starting point for other paths. Each step we take carries with it gratitude, humility, and a reminder to continue loving while trusting in something higher than ourselves. The stories here have allowed us to step out of ourselves and accept what is truly important.

We have seen kindness and generosity during these past few years. Usually it has arrived from the most unexpected sources while taking the heart to another level of compassion. Thank you for partaking in our lives. Thank you for the stories, opening your hearts to us, and allowing us to become part of your lives even if for a day. This place has been magical. It has been a place for healing and growth. We wish you a wonderful new year. It’s been an honor having you stay with us. May you continue following your dreams no matter where they take you…embrace the change with child-like wonder!

Stop Thinking Big

11310914_10153328688688739_103847743_nA guest looked at my fingernails and noticed that they were all different colors yesterday.  She laughed and said, “I wish I could do that!”  I looked at her with bewilderment.  “Why can’t you?  At least do your toes, no one can see them!”  She said she just “wasn’t so bold.”  I laughed so hard I almost peed in my pants as she said, “Someday when I retire…..”  There lies the anticipated expectation of the future changing everything when one cannot accept that time is an illusion and all we have is NOW.

What are you waiting for?  What’s stopping you from moving forward?  Sometimes the obstacle is the problem.  Your mind will create just about anything to stop you from letting go.  Most of us have an all-or-nothing attitude.  So we wait for a loved one to move out.  We dream of the moment we retire or hit the lotto. We won’t take time here and there to block for ourselves.  We don’t make a plan to start saving for a big trip therefore we don’t even think about it. What’s stopping you from taking a 2 hour adventure to another city near you?  STOP thinking so darn BIG.  Start small!  I used to say, “Oh, when the last child moves out I am running away to the mountains and writing.”  The way I collect kids I would never move.  Lord!  I would be 90 years old living in a giant shoe.

This afternoon, while on a day off with my fiance, I asked him if he thought I was eccentric? He laughed and said that my picture was next to the word, and that’s why he loves me. He loves and admires the goofy side of being a hippie-carefree-unicorn-riding woman who dances to her own music. He truly cheers me on when I leave any form of normal living.  I am blessed because of this freedom to tap into my creative genes and play…truly laugh at myself.  I wasn’t always like this. It has taken years of re-programming and deleting old self-worth issues.  So, in my mind I don’t see the eccentricity but I do declare the joy of living in the moment.  I am truly spontaneous.

Start tiny in your thoughts and carve out your precious time.  Don’t wait till Someday.  Someday is a fairytale.  Don’t wait for tomorrow.  Start now.  You know 906766_608957632496432_91115726_owhat keeps a person young?  You don’t?  Well, that should be your first order of business…go search for the fountain of youth in you!  Be courageous with your truth.  Speak it.  Taste it. Smell it….and go do what makes you happy.  There is no excuse but the one you continue to tell yourself.  Go get coffee alone today.  Wear an outrageous tutu and tiara.  Get that small tattoo you have desired for years.  Check out the local Humane Society and visit the puppies. Tomorrow paint your nails in different colors.  Take a scenic road you’ve never taken. Learn an exotic word a day.  Go play in the dirt.  Get some crayons and a coloring book. GO HAVE FUN TODAY or Tomorrow!!!!!  Don’t wait for another person to fill your needs. Forgive yourself for not putting your own self in first place.  Your happiness is priority! YOU GOT THIS! Make life count for you.  The time is NOW!

Show up and be…

showing up

When I was in my first year of college I took British Literature.  I had an amazing professor.  He never took attendance or gave out tests until the end of the semester.  His only policy was “show up and be present and I promise you will be entertained.”  His strong British accent was charming.  The classes were remarkably full.  Students had to get there early enough to get a good seat.  He didn’t take attendance but the classes seem to increase with every passing day.  He explained that he wasn’t a babysitter.  He was there to do his job and get paid.  Our responsibility was to show up and learn to see the world in a different light.  Instead of studying about Oscar Wilde, Shakespeare, and other great writers he taught us about British lyrics (but always bringing it back to the past and these writers).  He made us see music and other media forms as literature.  This is way before the internet so there was no cheating in reference to what could happen within his hour and a half lectures.  His way of dissecting the world through words was fascinating.  And, his form of teaching adults, rather than teenagers was endearing.  It pushed us to take notice that we were responsible only for ourselves after leaving the harsh world of structure in childhood.

Show up and be present: such a simple policy!  We are asked every day to show up and be present in our lives through every breath.  We are only expected to learn, love and live through every moment.  This simplicity is perhaps too juvenile for us to follow.  Showing up and being completely present would require us to remove ego and allow the Divine to be the guide.  It would also relinquish the stagnation of having to follow rigidity and complexity.   Accepting things as they happen would collaborate with our higher selves (and purpose) in a way that is magical.

We are asked to attend our lives with beauty, awareness, compassion and faith.  Somehow even while given such freedom to do whatever we want we complicate the journey.  Going from high school into college without structure of being told what to do can be daunting, but in this literature class it was pure joy.  No one wanted to miss the opportunity to learn.  Imagine that!  No hardcore structure, yet learning was made fun.  This is truly the way we are to live our lives.  The manner in which we establish our presence is always so uncompromising, inflexible and single minded at times.

What could happen if we allow God to do the job?  What could happen if you got out of your own way for once and allow Presence to guide you?  What would it look like if you showed up and enjoyed the process instead of partaking in restrictions of what to do and not do?  I bet we would be amazed.  I am sure we would live for the joy of living and not having to attend one more day with ingratitude.  Let’s just try it for a bit! SHOW UP! Be present in your existence. Remove the masks, old beliefs, and be authentic.  Listen to your inner guidance when it’s time to slow down and smell the roses. Living is a privilege so take advantage of the adventures.

The Adventure of a Lifetime

into the woods

I love adventures! I enjoy the magic and mystery of not knowing and the surprises I will encounter along the way. Almost five years ago my best friend and I found a little piece of heaven in the mountains of Western North Carolina and settled down. We brought with us dreams, passions, and visions. We were to heal ourselves from past lives. We all consist of a million lives in one lifetime. This was the place we would learn about love, letting go, trust, faith, belief, joy and growth. And, as all great adventures there is beginning and an end.  We are both ready for the next chapters. The book is open for us to start writing. We are giddy and delighted with how much is still out there to explore.

Peaceful Quest Retreats has been the magical lamp in my life. It has provided so many good fortunes. It allowed me to shred, investigate, purge, rebuild, restart, and truly love myself like I’ve never known before. I know you ask, “What does a place have to do with all that stuff?” Oh, it has a world to do with it! Why do folks run to retreats, ashrams, monasteries, and other sacred places? Why do they go on pilgrimages? Because these sacred places force the mind, body and spirit to find balance. There has to be a place that removes you from the life you are used to and pushes you to truly see authenticity. Sanctuary does this. Breathing space is a must.  I could write a book about the experiences in this little retreat in a little unknown town called Gerton.  But, those are my experiences.  We all return from sacredness with an awakening to life.

It’s with great pleasure and jubilee that we put this place out into the universe for another person(s) to experience the enchantment, blessings and love. We thank you all for the constant love and support. It has been a journey of a thousand steps and more. Please feel free to pass the “for sale link” below to others. We are constantly hearing “how amazing it would be to live here,” “this is so peaceful, I wish I could take off from the world and do something like this…”  We’ve heard all the sweet desires and longing.  This might be your chance to experience the wonder of this healing and serene place.  Much love and light to all….

California Dreams

I am sitting in front of my fireplace this morning.  It is a chilly 30 degrees outside.  I am cold and realizing this is going to be a freaking ridiculous winter.  The greatest part of this insane season is that in a few days I am taking a road trip with two of my closest friends.  We are leaving the mountains of Western North Carolina and heading to California to travel the Pacific Coast all the way to Portland.  This is a celebration for my best friend and business partner, Bobbie’s 40th birthday.  It is also the first time since we bought this business that we will both be gone together for so many days.  My teenage children will be here with neighbors so mama can truly play.  As the day gets closer I feel that giddiness that enters my blood stream when I am about to take a trip.  I just can’t wait!

Traveling is a sport.  I am not a good athlete but I consider myself an enthusiastic adventurist without an agenda to my travels.  We are embarking without a map, tourist guide, and a timeline.  We only have the final destination point.  There is something wonderful in having no perspective to an arrival, or expectation to the excursion.  I love to travel.  I was made for it.  As much as I love my place in the mountains I also fantasize about seeing the world.  This trip is something of a monumental turning point for the three of us.  We have entered and exited many issues in the past few months with personal obstacles.  We have purged, healed, released and traveled down many roads inside of ourselves.  The adventure is welcomed with open minds and extended hearts.  I am traveling with like-minded people: no planning or agendas.  The only thing we know is that we arrive in San Diego and we are renting a car.  The rest is up to serendipity.  Ahhh…to think of the surprises along the way!  Bring them on!!!!

I will not have access to a computer but I’ve purchased a new journal where I hope to be inspired to document this expedition.  I feel like a little girl waiting at the entrance to Disney World minutes before the gates open.  I am sure the night before we leave I won’t sleep as I think about all the possibilities that will transpire on this journey.  I live for amazing surprises.  They are right up there with laughter.  The Pacific Coast has always been a magnet with its gorgeous coast lines and mountains.  Witnessing such beauty will be mind-boggling.  I know how excited I can get.  Adjectives will be constantly flying out of my mouth describing all the moments and how I feel.  My dear friends will have to just deal with the little girl in me and might have to tell me to chill out every so often!

Have a wonderful two weeks, dear friends.  Enjoy your Thanksgiving!  Stay warm and cozy wherever you are.  I will be back to share.  I may be able to read your writings and daily blogs from my phone.  It is always wonderful to be inspired by y’all.  Much love and light…Millie.