Love Will Teach Us

In the grand tapestry of existence, we find ourselves on a wondrous journey of discovery and growth. It is said that we are all students of life, learning valuable lessons along the way.

But in truth, I did not come here to teach you; I came here to allow love to lead and teach me… through you.

You see, within the vastness of our souls, there resides a divine sparkโ€”a spark that emanates pure love, wisdom, and compassion. It is through this sacred essence that we truly learn and evolve. Love, my dear ones, is the ultimate teacher.

Love speaks to us in the gentle whispers of a breeze, in the tender touch of a loved one, and in the quiet moments of solitude. It is a universal language that transcends boundaries, transcends time, and connects us all as one.

When we open our hearts to love, we unlock the doors to profound understanding and enlightenment. Love illuminates the darkest corners of our being, revealing the inherent beauty that resides within us all. It teaches us acceptance, forgiveness, and the power of empathy.

It is the reason I am here. It is the reason you are here as well.

Let us be receptive to the teachings of love, for it is through love that we heal and transform. It guides us to embrace unity, to cherish every soul we encounter, and to recognize the divinity in ourselves and others.

So, my darlings, let’s walk this path together, hand in hand, with open hearts and open minds. Let love be our guiding light as we navigate the intricate dance of life. As we learn from each other, let us remember that it is love that will teach usโ€”the profound, boundless, and eternal love that resides within our very essence.

Embrace the teachings of love, and watch as your world transforms into a sanctuary of peace, harmony, and infinite possibilities.

I love you… yesterday, today, tomorrow and forever.

20 Seconds of Kindness

I ventured down the mountain this morning to run errands with the little one. I stopped at the Starbucks inside of Target. No one was in there. I asked the lovely barista how she was doing. She said, “Fine!”
I said, “Let’s try that again. How are you really doing? And let’s not use the word ‘fine.’ Give me something that tells me the beauty in you.”
She looked at me with her big blue eyes and stopped the busyness.
“Wow! Thank you for asking. I am lovely today. I feel like I am in a good place. It’s a Good day. Easy morning. Is it cold outside?”
I answered, “It’s dropping quickly!”
She asked what I wanted and I looked at her again asking about her day. If she was working a long shift? If she gets tired of coffee? Small talk but it allowed a small window into her world.
As she made my drink she said that it’s so difficult to connect with people. Everyone asks how they are doing but no one cares or really listens. It’s as if people are ants moving along a colony rushing to nowhere really!
We shared pleasantries. She was surprised at Kali’s generous manners and comments. Kali said to Amanda, the barista, that she had pretty eyes. The young woman laughed.
Here is the thing I find shocking and a bit disturbing: how much time does it take for anyone to really stop, ask someone about their day, and share a compliment or kindness? Are we really that lost in technology, or the addiction of chaos, that we have forgotten to be present with everyone around us? I get it! I get busy too. But, somehow I have learned to stay in the moment whenever I am out in public. And if there is no one behind me I take a little longer. It takes twenty seconds to say something nice!
My life changed drastically three years ago while leaving this human body and returning. I promised myself that whoever is in front of me, whether it’s a cashier, a homeless person, a child, an elderly soul, or anyone I would try to stay present. I would truly listen and notice their energy. Most of the time I can live up to my promise. Some days are a little challenging but it is then that I make a point of breathing the love from Humanity and allowing the flow of our existence move through me. I would be delusional to believe that our energies and frequencies aren’t connected. I have seen way too much to deny another a little attention.
Every single day you get a huge opportunity to be a kind human being. You get to practice spirituality and compassion with another. You get to be in the scope of Divinity. Let’s be mindful. We aren’t robots. You never know how that other person needs your words. This is our playground and we are here to share it with others. We are also responsible for teaching our children good manners and to also be respectful and kind with
I love you. Be kind. Be the best version of your humanness possible. Stop whenever possible and really notice the world around you!

Breathe deeply and be gentle


The other night I fell off my gorgeous unicorn. I was going really really fast, missed a curve, and ended up in a ditch. The next morning I landed in the emergency room. It was that intense. My heart felt like the unicorn was still on me. It was hard to breathe and function. The nurses in the ER didn’t understand my story. They almost sent me to the psychiatric ward. The nerve of some people not believing what is someone’s reality.

I would like to stick with that story and the reason I ended in the hospital for almost two days. That would be more acceptable to me than the ugly truth. My heart couldn’t take one more form of crap. I shut down. For two days I was poked, probed, pricked, and pulled. Luckily the ticker inside is in good shape. However, the stress and other minor crap have risen to get noticed. The night prior to that I spent it throwing up with severe aches all through my body. It’s as if my body parts are all raising their hands up and yelling, “Hey, me, me, me! Pick me! I need to be entertained. Let me be the center of attention today.” This getting older thingy ain’t for sissies. And, this loving so openly isn’t either.

As I was being discharged last night my oldest son was in the room with the most amazing nurse. I went to the bathroom to change and as I was coming out I overheard him say really low, “My mother loves so hard and so deeply that her heart is just expanding to take more of it in.” The woman said something along the lines of medical mumbo-jumbo and Nelson returned, “You don’t understand, Ma’am, you’ve had here in this room for two days the greatest teacher with some amazing superpowers….” At that moment, I stepped into their view and they both stayed quiet. I appreciate my sweet loving son thinking that I have love superpowers but my body is obviously retaliating big time.

On our way home I laughed and told him that I am so blessed to be loved by him this way but he’s not a little boy anymore…and I don’t have any kind of superpowers. He gave me a long lecture and between the tightening of my chest and the lack of energy I really zoned out. He’s no different than me…after all I fell off a unicorn.

I am better this morning. I am moving rather slow and being mindful of breath. In the hospital I was given oxygen and I didn’t realize I hold my breath so much, except when I am meditating. And, in that lack of oxygen other parts of me are being affected. I slept like I haven’t in years while in the hospital. It’s good to know that my heart is in excellent shape and that my blood work is wonderful. And, that I will live till the ripe age of 111. But, I also know that for a year and a half I have had a difficult time absorbing things. I have repressed them. My emotional and physical bodies are trying to align with my spiritual one that is moving at a much higher frequency. I feel the vibration of so much and it’s trying to adjust. In this adjustment things are being shaken. I feel the expansion and the pulling and it’s not fun. Sometimes it’s extremely painful. It takes all of me to constantly relax and put down my guard so I can take a deep breath into the unknown.

As we move through this season, I ask that you stay aware of your emotions and your physical body. There are some major intense energies swirling around. The last quarter of this year has been incredibly difficult to administer for many of us. Allow yourself the gift of deep breaths, being present, release, and loving. Cry, create, love, be in nature, play with a child and be a child yourself. But, stay present to all that is you. Don’t conform to the news, or the panic out there. Turn the media off. Seriously! Turn it off. I have disconnected from it. I recognize all that is out there is hurting me and I cannot help anyone else if I don’t take care of me.

My son helped me out of the car when we got home and kissed my forehead like I do to all my kids, “Mom, please relax and feel better. Please chillax. Please stop worrying about everyone else. I know you will find a lesson for this episode as you like to call it…but just chill and forget all your problems this weekend.”

I promised him I won’t be getting on my unicorn for some time until I feel stronger. He laughed…I giggled and we did our pinky swear.

My sweet husband has had a scare and I promised him that I would rely more on him when it comes to my emotions. I promised I wouldn’t carry the entire world on my back alone. I would shed some of the shit on him…he is bigger and stronger. He has been shaken too. He has seen my willingness to be independent, as I drove myself to the ER without telling him. (Cause I thought I would be in and out and back to work)…the unicorn was in the backseat of the car waiting to be checked as well and no one wanted to admit him into the hospital.

Be gentle with you. I will be gentle with me. Let’s allow this gentleness to bleed into the world with love, hope, and kindness. Love you all!