Safety Must Be Kept On Here

I want you to come close. I want you to feel my words in this post. If I can relate a single message to you it is to stay open to love and acceptance. It is to stop fearing what you don’t know or understand because of a different point of reference. We all come from diverse backgrounds.

Back in April my husband and I traveled to Peru. We visited the most amazing places. While in Cusco we noticed something unlike anything experienced here in the states. Children ran free. My husband would say constantly, “Safety’s off!” All throughout main streets little children were walking around. They weren’t orphans. They belonged to the community. The entire city takes care of their kids. They watch over them. We asked everywhere we went. It was shocking for us to witness it and by the end of our trip we understood that their society has come together to raise the next generation. It’s beautiful to witness.

It scared me to see three and four year olds so close to the roads. Or, walking around among strangers. Or, running through dark alleys. We aren’t used to this. But, safety as we know it were off. An entire city, and small villages, takes care of their young ones. They make sure they are fed. They make sure to keep all eyes on them. The children all know it. They don’t test their boundaries because they are free to roam. Free range babies!

We live in one of the most powerful nations in the world. We used to be the admiration capital of all other countries for a long time. Unfortunately, safety measures are always on. Safety is never off. We have a huge problem with our children. Our country has children available for fostering and adoption but it’s freaking chaotic to reach the system. Unless you witness these issues firsthand there is no way to explain it. The laws are ridiculous. And now we have a heartbreaking reality of how we treat children from other countries, separating them from their families who flee from a life of destitution. They come here to give their children a better life. This is not an immigration problem. This is deeper than that.

There are two issues that cause tremendous arguments in our world: politics and religion. If your belief system constitutes in you believing that keeping children in prisons away from their families is humanitarian and compassionate then you need a new belief system. You may rationalize it anyway you want but there is a huge imbalance with your moral compass. This is not about what’s right for our nation. This is what is broken with our society. This is a humanitarian issue not a political or religious one. This is dividing us and tearing us completely apart into fear and hate…and disgust.

I am pretty good about putting blinders on when it comes to other things. I don’t go into issues that lower my vibration or energy. But when it comes to children and the elderly population I cannot ignore it. I want to live in a world that safeties are off and I don’t have to worry about my children being taken or hurt. I want a nation that takes care of its citizens and takes care of all humanity the same. It’s in our differences that we evolve and learn. It’s in diversities that we grow. We’ve lost the integrity of our initial foundation/principles that created this great country. What’s happening is sickening and psychotic.

I heard a woman speaking to another at a coffee shop recently say the most horrific things about immigrants. I waited to finish my coffee. I got up, turned to them, and voiced my hurt through tears. I asked them if they had kids or grandkids? And then I wished them a safe life. Before either could speak I stood there in complete disbelief and let them know that I was Hispanic (which shocked them because I look like them) and that I loved them and hoped that they could see that we (Latinos) are like them. We love our kids. We love our families. And we love to believe that this nation is still one of freedom and dignity. It isn’t a political problem. I told them it was a racist and hate one. It was a moral issue. I didn’t expect a conversation. I went to the car shaking in anger.

No one is exempt from discrimination and hate. I, however, believe that in order for change we cannot move through it with more anger and hate. We must look at the indifferences and educate through love. We must show the world that we will fix this issue through compassion, righteousness, and tenacity. And we will win until another issue arises. Where there is light there will always be darkness trying to destroy it. Just don’t let that darkness destroy your faith. There are many things that will be coming to light. We must stand firm in our convictions. We must dig deep into our hearts and show others what that looks like.

Rant over!!

Question what you read, watch, hear and see. Don’t assume anything! There are a lot of things happening that need your attention. Open your hearts wider than your mouths. Thank you. I love you.

Love America 

I’m America. I was named after my paternal grandmother who died before I was born. She was a gifted artist, a woman who made a huge impact in a small town in Puerto Rico. I hid that name for most of my life. I hated it. It was too heavy to carry around. Like…I had to live up to it. I didn’t have the self worth to walk with it proud-fully. It took a long time to grow into that name. 
But, here is the thing: I love America. I love its people. I love its beauty and acceptance. I love the freedom it gives me to raise children who didn’t have choices in third world countries. I love how we as a collective can grow and work and come together. I have made a lot of beautiful memories in this country alongside its magical folks. I have evolved into the name because of others here. 

I began to own my name for the first time a year ago. Once again, now, I am reminded of its power. I am confirming its strength. 

I am appalled that America means something else now. It is being utilized and abused. It is reminding me of all those years I hid from the name. It’s becoming cowardly in defeating the fear and hate. America is acting like I did for almost half a century. 


America is great. We are freaking amazing and have made this country come alive through the melting pot of cultures. America isn’t white. It isn’t Indian. It isn’t black. It isn’t Hispanic. It isn’t Asian. It isn’t about believing in Christianity or Judaism. It isn’t about homosexuality or being heterosexual. It’s not about this race or that race. It consists of the human race. That’s it! It is a composition of hard work and history. It is created on diversity and differences that teach us to be acceptant of others while learning new things. It compiles millions upon millions of ancestral bones and stories. It is one of the youngest countries with so much richness and legacy. It is truly a remarkable conundrum. 

Have we forgotten what it takes to be America? Let me remind you:

It is the immigrant who came here without a single dollar and created jobs for millions. 

It is the homeless man who fought for our country and has been dismissed but we salute his courage. 

It is the disabled who lives in utter depression and we desperately suppress it. 

It is a child who can’t get food at home and waits to get to school to feed his soul and body. 

America is not the throwing of statues or the killing of innocent people. No way! Those acts are not American. Those are acts of terrorism. 

We have forgotten to take care of our people and now blame it on politics. We have turned away from who and what we are. We move forward three steps and backwards two. We are wobbling in blaming the world for everything that happens. But we have turned away from those in our own backyards for years. It isn’t until something outrageously politically hurts this country that we stand together. 

It’s disturbing and shocking to witness, however, it is also an opportunity to clean house…to rise through empathy and compassion. 

Let us not wait for things like this to happen. Let’s be mindful of feeding the collective consciousness with love and acceptance. Hateful people aren’t born that way. They are taught and in turn continue to teach fear. They continue to be the small percentage of a great mass of yummy humans who are driven by altruism. 

We are a nation united under GOD with liberty and justice for all. That’s America! And much more. 

I urge you to carry the name with pride. It’s taken me over forty something years to do it. Don’t hide from the magnificence of this country. 

Yes, bad shit is happening. It has been happening forever. Let’s not focus on THAT. Let’s find a way to courageously stand together and overturn the hate. Let’s not tolerate the prejudice or racism. But let’s be Americans and form a chain of love and hope. 

Don’t tolerate it. Absolutely not. Bullies need to be stopped. But let’s not focus on that. You have the power to use your voice for greatness. Focus on recreating this country through the goodness of compassion and kindness in our fellow citizens. 

Let’s feed the homeless. Take care of our elderly. Feed our children. Help the less privilege. Shine light on mental illnesses. Educate, Darlings. Educate others to continue growing through love and acceptance. Let’s start to rebuild the morale in this great place. 

Our forefathers fought for this nation and equality. It’s time we return to the origin of the name and unite as Americans. 

I love you. Wear the title with pride! I am!!!!

~Millie America Parmer~

Today is the beginning


Today is the beginning of change.

Regardless of where you stand under the political umbrella or convictions, we can all agree that change is coming. For the past few months we have witnessed friends and family battle their beliefs with hate and nastiness. Social media, the news, and other forms of communication have used this election as a means to cause fear and hatred across the world. I have been shocked and appalled at the many who have chosen to discard a friend because of his or her political choices.

But, isn’t this country made from diversities? Aren’t we here as a melting pot of cultures, beliefs, ethnicity, and differences? Isn’t it in our adversities that we resort to greatness? This country is not black or white. It isn’t left or right wing. It isn’t made up of one choice or religion or group. It’s made up of gray areas such as me, a Hispanic woman, or my children who come from Europe and have all shades of skin colors. Or, some of which are gay and others who suffer from mental illnesses. I believe we, as a whole, complete this nation. Until this election I had never, ever, witnessed such tremendous division in our country. And, today, I wonder what makes America great?

It’s the compassion we share. It’s the humility we exude. It’s in helping others, here and outside the country. It’s in forgiving. It’s in the lessons we learn from others who aren’t like ourselves. It’s in altruism, empathy, and kindness that we make this country one of the greatest in the world. It’s in the people who fill every square inch of our boundary lines in a map that make the United States of America a union.

For eight years I heard, read, and witnessed a million comments about our President. Some I took rather personally, others I learned from. But, what I found was that in spite of the hatred and opinions, we had a pretty successful course of events. No one is perfect and neither was his administration. He truly endured a legacy of anger and discord. Anyone who goes into that office has to have thick skin. And here we are again. In another four years we will be right back here arguing and fighting our beliefs.

Here is what I know to be true: We are a nation united by its citizens from all parts of the earth. This new President was elected by this country. There is no doubt that division has been seen loud and clear. I hadn’t a clue, in my oblivious hippie state of being, that we had been so suppressed by anger, bigotry and hatred in this nation. News to me! However, it’s out there now. The lack of understanding and accepting is astronomical and perhaps daunting. It’s disturbing to experience all this fear and anger that is being passed on to the younger generations.

Trump is a powerful lesson for us all. Whether you voted for him or not, he is going to be a clear starting point for this nation to start healing from years of keeping quiet over prejudices and bigotry. Religious groups have spoken and I feel it is time to take notice that the division is being magnified throughout the world. We must stand together in spite of what we believe. Together we stand, divided we fall.

I only hope that those protesting can do it in a quiet and sensible manner. That those who are mourning for this change can heal from the disappointments. That others who are yelling and rubbing their victories can also learn from diversities. I ask that we join together in sending this new leader healthy and compassionate vibes because he will need it. We are being instructed to stand together in something powerful of a historic phenomenon. It won’t be easy and those who think that victory has concluded will see many incredible changes that will make them question their choices and faith. Today is the beginning.

It starts here with us…with the black, white and gray. We make this country a privilege to live in. We are learning from each other how we act and react. Let’s do it civilized and with optimism. Those who are heartbroken, I feel for you. I understand. I also believe that in this space and time there is work to be done in many facets of our evolution. In our spirituality and beliefs we hold the key to this great change. What an opportunity to utilize all that we know as healers, lightworkers, and spiritual trail-blazers! No other time in history could we have been given such a tremendous challenge to show how love and forgiveness can transform the world. Our hope, our desires, and our hearts can turn challenges into miracles.

God bless America and all its beautiful souls! I love you.

A Letter to America From America


Dear Sweethearts!

My middle name is America. Yes, just like the country! Growing up kids were mean and mocked me when they found out I was named like this nation. I hid it. I hid it because it symbolized something I didn’t understand. I was a Hispanic young girl in a very Anglo area. What that name felt was a stab of sarcasm and irony. I was born in Puerto Rico, a commonwealth territory of the United States, but not many kids knew this. So, even though I was American, I was also not in their eyes.

I have learned to embrace this middle name. In spite of the inhumane, bigotry, prejudices, judgments, and fears, I hold my head up high for sharing a name given to this gorgeous and magical land of ours. I will not hide it any further…because RIGHT NOW, I will continue to voice out my feelings on what it means to be an American. I will share what it means to be a Latin woman in a country with other magnificent minorities. I will not stand by and hide in fear of discrimination, hatred and victimization. On the contrary, I send more love now than ever before. Even when I don’t agree with all the political nonsense and skepticism, I am an American.

I am proud of the men and women who fight for this country. I am in awed of communities and unity and the love that goes behind all the media frenzy that only focuses on the bullshit and darkness. Cause, darlings, America is a land of opportunities and freedom. Step away from your televisions, media chaos, and other negative sources. Go outside and see the real beauty of this country. It’s not just in nature, but in its people. It’s in the veteran, the elderly, the children, the millions of souls who truly want to be here in this country.

No nation is perfect. Just like its people, it has flaws and requires work. A country is as powerful as its folks, not its leaders. We get to decide who and what happens, even when the media tells you otherwise.

I have recently witnessed the most incredible reminder of unity through the fighting of these wild fires in Western North Carolina. I have seen first hand what love entails when you don’t care about race, color, gender or any of the ridiculous labels the mainstream media focuses on. I have seen hands of all sizes, colors and shapes battling the fires and eat together at the fire station. I have witnessed several accents from all parts of the country laughing and sharing during gatherings there. I take notice, because I am proud of be part of this area.

America! It is made of the most complex and simple multitudes of souls. The world looks over at us and craves for what we have. It’s time to fight the hate with more compassion. I might be naive but I do know love. I know the power it holds when we stop fearing the things we don’t understand. Hatred comes from fear of the unknown and lack of education. In my lifetime I have felt the bigotry on many occasions. Although I might not look Hispanic, I open my mouth and the Spanish does come out. I have children of all shades and nationalities. They are a quilt in my heart composed of solidarity and dreams of what this nation offers. America is their home and I hope they never ever take it for granted. I sure don’t!

I am America. You are America. And, I will stand with my brothers and sisters to show the world that a few assholes will not tarnish that name. After all, darlings, we are here to create, follow, and unite what our forefathers dreamed of hundreds of years ago when they entrusted a nation to be moved by its people. Go into this holiday season, not in separation of who is President, who is part of the KKK, who is giving the Blacks, Latinos, Homosexuals, Women, and everyone else the lack consideration. Go into this time with acceptance, awareness, and unity for all the religions, cultures and amazing spirits that make this melting pot we call “home.” We are one race…the human race…on a constant marathon for a power that truly doesn’t exist. It’s all part of the facade. It’s time to stop this insanity of pointing fingers and demoralizing each other. Hate is not fought with more hate. It is fought with light, love, and pure kindness. You all matter to America and to me.

I love you….Millie America

In a Name

Tell me your real name,

you staring back

through the windows of my soul.

Mother was heavily sedated

when she labeled you,

but here we are

living up to the antiquities

of a foreign noun

collecting adjectives

every day

from those who meet us,

know us,

and sometimes never like us.

What do you want to be called

in avoidance of the perception

a parent insanely applied …

for who is Mildred America?

She won’t live up to those nouns


than sweet names

that linger inside the tongue,

sliding off to make pretty sounds

with simple syllables.

Mildred America…

what was she thinking,

or did she not think at all?

How does one live to the reverence

of such hard sounds

that hide within initials of truth.

When I place my Millie A.

no one imagines a continent sits

within the first and last name

waiting to be explored.

So tell me,

you there, in the mirror,

what would you like to be called today

besides “Lovable,”



or “Friend?”