I don’t know how to describe energy, especially the energy I felt going through me in Cusco, Peru. Now, a month later, I am still trying to make sense of the sensations and vibrations. I was fully open. I was a receptor. It was as if I had a constant antena directly on my crown moving all around the rest of my body. There was no stagnation anywhere. I could feel my cells expanding during the night. There were moments I even moved as if I was gliding. My body was a puppet of something higher. My husband and I spoke in different levels of complete clarity. We knew what we wanted. We spoke of past experiences and delighted in the endless possibilities of our future. There was such an intense and loving connection. Five years with the man and it was the first time to feel such incredible spiritual intimacy.

In all the years of meditation, and some phenomenal spiritual experiences, I never had so many days of these outer body moments. I saw the world in a different light. I was jumping quantum dimensions going in horizontal lines that made it all seem like I was teleport into esoteric realms. I cannot describe energy. I can only describe the extraordinary senses that came through.

Every time I leave my “normal life” I enter a place of complete awareness. Today walking in another city, Baltimore, Maryland, I am well aware of the dimensional shifts. I feel the energy coming from me instead of through me.

Now you… how are you all feeling these days. Pls share experiences. I need to feel the connections. Thank you.