The Blame Game

To blame others for my full participation in the drama is moronic. I cannot blame someone for me staying in a toxic relationship. I can blame my inability to move away from the fear and manipulation from that person while giving away my power. But he or she were not holding me captive. My perspective of the obstacle was my enemy.

I cannot blame someone else for screwing me up in business. I participated knowing that person’s character. But I did it anyway.

Most of the obstacles, events, and experiences that we believe are happening to us (while in victim mode) are happening through us.

Read that again if you can’t grasp it!

You have created a life that is comfortable even in the discomfort. You know it fully. You might hate it. You continue to blame everyone around you. But I can assure you that when you spiritually connect to your truth you will figure out that no one is to blame for many of the things you endure. Your past determines a lot of your future choices so be mindful of the journey.

Have courage. Rise above the victim mentality into something that teaches you invaluable experiences.

And yes, there are cases of abuse and violence that you didn’t ask for, or consciously attracted. There are diseases and so much that we don’t get a say on. There is still bad in the world.

We have duality in our lives. We move through the dark into light a million times. We get to choose how, when, and where.

Blaming everyone else for not having the right job, or being in a shitty relationship, or not having enough money is truly inexcusable. Pointing fingers at everyone else instead of moving inward and finding the answers is pure avoidance.

You have the power to change your circumstances one step at a time. When you leave the victim mode you will begin to take control of your life. Trust in your capacity to manifest. Believe in your innate and divine ability to set healthy boundaries. Most of us were not taught this early on. It’s all about reprogramming your wiring. You’ve got this!!!! ~m.a.p.

You are Worthy

I want to tell you something that it’s hard for you to hear or accept: you are worthy. You are worthy of love. You are worthy of happiness. You are worthy of freedom. The shit you carry around, all those dark secrets that eat into your soul, attack your worth. You cannot go back in time no matter how much you power your thoughts. No matter how angry you get. No matter how much shame you hold. No matter who you blame. You cannot go back there. So stop sabotaging your future. Stop the insanity of negative self talk. Stop punishing your soul for all that has happened. What good is it bringing you? Your worth is a product of what you believe. You believe you are great…you will reach greatness. You believe you are lovable…you will find love. The monsters you carry around full of shame are stopping this moment and your future. No more hustling for your worth. Let it go. Find love. You are worth it.

Pulling Roots

pulling roots

I did yard work today. The weather has been phenomenal. I am a person who needs to be outdoors. I think this is why I suffer through the winter. It’s amazing the things that come up with every bending, pulling and raking. It’s complete therapy for the mind, body and spirit. Something came up this morning. Well, a few things came up as I was trying to pull a root that wouldn’t budge. “Who are you going to blame for your story?”

What the hell? I thought. Where did that come from? It’s amazing how we project onto others what is deep rooted inside of us. It’s in us but we choose to castigate and accuse another for the participation of our drama and stories. Who will it be? Is the rapist from years ago, or your parents, or your abusive relationship, or your boss, or the stranger who treated you unkindly, or your children? Who will you choose to slander and prosecute without acknowledging your involvement and choices? How many times will continue retelling the same story to feed your ego? You are worth freedom and your thoughts are the keepers to a lifetime of imprisonment.

It’s easy to blame others. It’s better if we can point the finger and judge someone else for our mistakes. It’s a deep rooted vine that keeps traveling everywhere because we allow it to go wild. It’s just like Kudzu: very invasive and extremely difficult to kill once it is ingrained in your thoughts. You have the choice to consciously be aware of blaming another. Own your sh*t! It’s that simple. Think about what is stopping you from moving forward because you have allowed another to victimize you in your thought process. Everyone comes into your life as a character in a personal play. How you react and learn is yours alone! YOU are only responsible for you. Clean up the thoughts and the release the burdens from your past. You are who you are today because of everything that has happened to you. You got this!  You can create anything you want!