New Professional Website

buddha lotus

I am so happy to announce the launching of my professional website:

It’s been in the works for over a year. It was stopped for a while. It got momentum for sometime…and then it was on hold again. I had to determine exactly what I wanted and I couldn’t. I twisted and turned with it at night. I was hesitant and could not figure out exactly why.

It was fear. I didn’t really want to be seen. I felt raw with each piece of writing. And, yet, I blog daily and share so much of my insights. But, somehow, the website made it all official. It was all ego chit-chat that didn’t belong. It did need to be tended to and addressed.

This year has been one of the toughest years in almost a decade. It has transformed me spiritually, physically and emotionally. It has been one that has triggered old traumas and I’ve sat with them to heal the wounds. I find it amazing what a year can do to a growing and expanding willing soul.

In order for me to help anyone I had to do the work myself. That’s how the magic happens, don’t you think? How can I tend to other people’s stories if I don’t address my own? How can I sit in sacred space with someone else if I don’t do the same in the darkness of my soul?

So here I am…and I am elated. I am relieved for finishing a long project. I will be blogging over there too. I am going to be closing down this website in a few months as I have chosen to create several books from these entries. One will be a poetry book with spiritual muses. The other a daily inspirational meditation book. Who knows what else will transpire in the process.

You can still find me on Sacred Journey Facebook page. On Instagram map_sacredjourney.  Also on Twitter (just opened an account) map_sacredjourney as well. New email is I love to hear from you!

Stay tune. I am so happy you are on this journey with me. Thank you for the patience, love and ongoing support. I am deeply touched by all of you. I love you.


Time is in Your Favor

holding time

It’s the middle of February. Already! I don’t quite know how things are happening so fast. We are emotionally and spiritually spinning in giant vortexes. Friday night I didn’t sleep. I was in and out of meditation most of the night…swirling up and down and all around the universe. I was feeling the universal forces in motion and it felt like my heart was going to give out. Not a good feeling for an empath.

It feels as if timelines are collapsing. Every day I hear of another suicide close to me, or someone six degrees from me. The bodies and minds can’t take the changes. It’s okay to not have the answers. It is NOT okay to give up without trying to reach out. I work in mental health and I am experiencing a higher degree of de-fragments. I am witnessing emotions dictating actions and creating deadly reactions.
I wish I could say I am sleeping well. I am not. I am moving from one timeline into another. My night activities are as chaotic as the waking day time ones. I’ve concluded that even through meditation I cannot slow down the times. They aren’t suppose to be slowed down because we are shifting and it’s part of mass consciousness upgrades. Discomfort pushes growth.
But what are we being pushed into?
I don’t know but when I go into the space of love and peace…when I enter sacredness I see a different world. I can hear John Lennon’s song, “Imagine” in my heart. And this, darlings, is what I feel is the pushing. Things are changing, especially when you detach from the news and media. You will find just by looking around your tribe and circles that we are returning to authenticity and truth.
I urge you to be gentle with yourself. Old traumas and programming are coming up. We are being asked to clear the things that are toxic in our lives. We are required to cut cords of things that cause us pain. We are being redirected to notice what sets our desires on fire: creativity, travel, gathering with like-minded folks, family, nature, spirituality and so much more. It’s no wonder we are being stripped of hurt, shame and guilt.
Our lives are changing. Technology has clearly forced us to live at a faster pace but it can also be utilized to slow down. You do not have to depend on it for every little thing. If the phone rings, you don’t have to answer. The emails and texts can wait. Social media doesn’t have to be touched all day long. We have become slaved to the things we complain about…too much stimuli.
What’s happening OUT THERE is also being felt immensely in here. Politics, religion, and everything else is keeping you in a prison of mind control. You are being given what to think and digest instead of you searching for what you really want in life.
So, once again…I am retrieving for a bit. I am experiencing a lot of chaos around me. The external noises are as loud as the ones I visit at night in sleep or meditation. Something has to be done to slow it down. I write everyday and I feel I need to return to journaling and the simplicity of pen and paper. I find that in times of real healing and release it is the pen that shows me truth. It never fails since I was a little girl.
Find your center core. Time is in your favor…you get to decide how you move through these challenging times. Bring love and forgiveness to it. Let go of old should’ves and could’ves. You are here for a reason and it isn’t to punish yourself for past experiences. It isn’t to torture your soul for sins that pushed you to grow. Let that go and allow the new you emerge in peace. But, please, if you can’t find someone to talk to I am here. Email me…I will check periodically
I love you…

Living Your Stories

Oh my goodness!  Life happens regardless of being present or not.  The summer has escaped me.  I don’t know where or how it went by so quickly.  I look back at my computer and realize I haven’t been able to catch up on my favorite blogs.  I haven’t been able to finish the five books I started months ago on my nightstand.  I haven’t been able to take the many hikes I had planned.  We’ve had a busy summer in our retreat center.  I am grateful for it all.  We’ve met so many wonderful people, each with their own incredible stories.

For so many years I would dive into books and escape the stressful life I was living.  Sometimes I would read five or six books in a week.  Once the kids went to bed I would glue myself into the stories…many of which I dreamt of living.  I would travel with my narrators.  I would dream of being in the mountains somewhere.  I lived vicariously through lovers and their many adventures.  Now I realize that all the stories have become a part of my life.  I am doing exactly what I have dreamt through those novels.

Looking at the past few months, a wonderful man in my life, only one young adult left at home, a gorgeous haven I call home, I cannot imagine anything better.  I have acquired everything I put out to the universe years ago.  I have found a piece of heaven while journeying with my best friend and I don’t require the nose diving mindless nights of searching for dreams in someone else’s stories.  Don’t get me wrong, I love books and will continue to read forever.  They teach, excite, marvel, and unite in places that life has yet to provide for us.  But, there is something sweet to be said about being the heroine in your own life.  There’s so much magic in allowing dreams to come true.  The Law of Attraction requires the energy set forth from your desires to align with your reality.  Books provided the desires, teaching me what and how I wanted my life to evolve.  Now that I am living these stories it is hard to sit long enough to concentrate on fiction.

As autumn peeks through the mountains I begin to slow down and relax.  Winter will once again force me to take refuge indoors.  I will catch up on my favorite sites.  I will read and research extensively.  For right now the weather calls for me to live my stories outdoor.   I apologize if I haven’t visited some of your stories.  I thank you for the support the blogging community has given me.  I am dumbfounded each time I write something and I receive feedback.  It is always mind boggling to find another person on the other side of the world reading my experiences.  I am forever grateful for the love and support.  May you enjoy the rest of these last summer days!  We can always meet back here in cyber space!

Mucho love to all….Millie


I believe in signs. I allow the divine to speak to me in whatever form necessary for my spirit to feel connected to the things I am to do. This past week I have struggled with technology. First the contacts on my iPhone (which were over 300 professional and personal) disappeared into web heaven. I didn’t back anything up. I now have heard from several people about backing up my system on some kind of “cloud” of which I think, “I’ve been on a cloud ‘cause I am clueless.” Funny how no one had mentioned this to me before! Nonetheless, I’ve lost most of the information. That’s fine! I believe the universe wanted me to “clean house.” People from my past needed to move on….

Now my computer has decided to pick and choose which programs I am to go on. WordPress is one of them. So, in view of my little “situation” I have decided to be off the mass media circuit for a little while. Every so often I have to step away from it all and go into a quiet sabbatical. The Divine is nudging me to do so in view of the aggravation with techie stuff. I’ve decided to go old-school and keep a Rolodex of contact information again. No cloud needed for backing up a paper system. No heavenly calls from the other side of the universe to store my computer files either. I believe it is just plain simple: step back and let the chit chat of external noises go. Move inward into whatever is needed. I always find that quietness to be a place of peace. And, it is in those times that I learn so much.

I will be back soon. Meantime keep writing, sharing and teaching! Much love to all….Millie