The skin that I wear
has layers of years
molded to remind me
of the detours
I took long ago.

This body,
this shield,
is here to clothe
the very essence of
my being.

It isn’t a reflection
of what you see.
It is the comfort,
a home,
for you to find
and rest upon
with each word,
touch, and

I am all,
and more,
less the masquerades,
of what others

I am me…
I am spirit…
I am.


Beauty in a Memory

entanglementSome moments have no room for words

because just uttering a syllable

could diminish their magic.

This is such a moment

as you lie on your stomach,

bare back saluting and hypnotizing

my fingers in circles,

dragging with tender motions to

some magnetic field of joy.

The candle flickers in the background

and your breath find its rhythm.

You are mine…right now

and I understand true beauty

as my fingertips search your skin,

folding over body heat,

exploring through scars, lines and curves

while leaving my prints to testify

that I was here.

Tears swell in my eyes

as I prop up on my hand to witness

you next to me napping

and light creating a masking silhouette

of a gentle soul.

I am seeing exquisiteness

through divinity in you.

Years from now when someone asks

for a beautiful memory I will return

to this place time and time again.

I will transport myself to the very second

when I couldn’t conjure up an adjective

to describe the scene without sounding corny.

Somehow this moment will be added to others

but for now I can cherish my touch upon your body

and the nurturing it returns with a sleepy sigh.

Body Talk


Let my body speak to you

through its texture,






and hear what it says

in the silence of

the imperfections.


Let my body dance



yelling in movements

the mystery of me

never witnessed before,

challenging you

to let everything go.


Let my body be a sponge

taking you in,

draining you out,

and drying your own spirit

by way of mysticism

so divinity can sit

with us together…

forever as one.

Beyond the Light

Morning Majesty taken on Blue Ridge ParkwaySunrise –

the world is full of promise,
possibilities still lie discarded
by any illusion of the mind.
I watch light enter day,
erasing the darkness,
breathing hope
through the sounds
of Earth stretching
and clearing the fog
from uncertainties.

The dance between

what was and what is to become

is mystical.

In awed,
I witness the Divine

through the breeze,

ripples of diamonds on the water,

hummingbirds tapping at my window,

a deer feeding in the back field.

Oh yes,

this is sunrise with all its beauty

and secrets

enticing the awareness

that looking for my soul with my mind

will never be found.

Just like the fog, it is separate from the light.

I must look through the heart

to see the morning rise

and allow the mysteries

to paint the way.

Your Scarlet


Flickering afternoon in a shaded room
where candles unite with our heat
dancing to the rhythm of one


we fluster like
love birds in a familiar courtship
as we follow our shadows. Thoughts


tremble in the air with sighs and sobs
of desire while we pretend
this is Heaven.  How you


have loved me,
inch by inch of this used body
perhaps never noticing it has been discarded
many times before. I am


your scarlet, holding your secrets,
forgetting all the lies.
Desire searches through the sheets,
and quickly returns to
a far off corner finding solitude.

Into Me You See

Your hands mean nothing

as they trace over my body

if you can’t hold my eyes

with intimacy,


and no pretenses.

A body is a body –

made of cells,

nerves and flesh.

It is not the body you used

to make love to,

but the mind attached to it

and I want to dive into

that contentment that brings me,

takes me and makes me

a fulfilled woman.

Hold me close

and watch me move;

watch the rhythm of me

dance with yours

and know that passion is not

the act of animalistic chemistry

but the initiation to enter

my wants,






and my heart.

Intimacy is the solitary familiarity

of the heart

that cordially invites you

to enter and drink from its fountain.

Your hands mean nothing at this point

if you can’t see through the eyes of my soul.